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AMD Opteron 2354 Processor Includes Direct Connect Architecture

AMD Opteron 2354 ProcessorBelieve it or not, servers and workstations can have twice the power of quad-core processors without spending too much.

The AMD Opteron 2354 processor is capable of supporting dual-processor configuration for improved latency speeds and overall performance. And it has more than just dual-processor support and a midrange price tag.

AMD to Release Quad-Core Barcelona Processors Tomorrow

AMD fans rejoice – that long awaited time is here for the latest processor, codenamed Barcelona, which will be called the Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor. While AMD has suffered financially as a business over the last quarter due to the increased competition from Intel in 2006, they are excited and assured that the forthcoming processors are going to make a lot of people happy.

AMD has been long the processor of system builders for their lower price points and some would say increased speed and stability. Intel clearly owns the processor marketplace and AMD continues to be used by most major computer manufacturers worldwide for lower priced units.

Lots of techno-babble of stats and performance indexes after the release.