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Electricity Harvesting: A Powerfull Step for Mankind

shocking-knee-photos-pics.jpgUS and Canadian scientists are making huge strides in the development of energy-harvesting technology. They recently developed a device that collects electricity generated by normal everyday human movement such as walking. This device, which they call the Biomechanical Energy Harvester, makes it possible to harness the energy produced by the body as it performs ordinary movements. Biomechanical energy can then be re-used to power all sorts of portable devices from mobile phones to laptops, and even emergency services equipment.

40-Hours of Power: Silicon Nanowires yield higher Battery Capacity

silicon-nanowires.jpgIt keeps going, and going, and going. You were probably thinking about the Energizer bunny commercial, weren’t you? Well, most of the time you’d be right in that assumption, but not today. Picture if you will, the ability to fly from New York to Tokyo – do some number crunching, work on PowerPoint presentations, watch a few DVDs — and then do a full day of meetings– using your laptop throughout the day and into the night without ever plugging in your power adapter to recharge your battery. Sounds far-fetched right? But this scenario may actually become a reality in the near future.

Rechargeable Batteries that Don’t Need Recharging?

argyrodite.jpgThe days of fretting over a low battery may be over. Scientists in Germany are attempting to create a revolutionary new battery for cell phones, laptops, etc. that never needs recharging, turning to a unique source: Argyrodite. Argyrodite is a silver, germanium and sulphur-containing mineral discovered near Freiberg, Germany, in 1885 which may hold the key to virtually limitless energy production.

Taking Portable Electronics on your next Trip? Don’t Count on Spare Batteries

Airlines make new rules for Lithium batteriesAttention Frequent Fliers: The TSA rules regarding the batteries you can bring with you on an airplane are changing as of January 1st, 2008.

It has to do with the content of Lithium in your rechargeable batteries. Here are some of the dos and don’ts being rolled out for this New Year in Air Travel.