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New 100GB BluRay Disc announced

BDXL_SHARP The Blu-Ray Disc Association released new specifications back in April for storage of up to 128GB of write-once capability for Blu-Ray discs and 100GB in RW format.  Now it seems that the media is actually coming out – thanks to Sharp. 

Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick’s (Final) Gift To Film

Eyes Wide ShutStanley Kubrick’s a favorite of many movie mavens; he’s one of the few auteurs of the American cinema. The 1950s-era Auteur Theory holds that a director’s films reflect that director’s personal creative vision (I stole that line from Wikipedia, but it works). As a matter of fact, Kubrick’s creative vision has helped shape my life.

For example, several of my friends and I modeled our behavior in high school after Kubrick’s Droogs in the masterful A Clockwork Orange. Just ask the Dean of students at North Miami High – oh, sorry — he’s dead (I promise, I didn’t do it!) My ex-wife thinks I might have learned a few things from Jack Nicholson’s role in The Shining (not one of my Kubrick favorites, but a nice turn for Jack — he obviously had fun while pretending to commit murderous acts).

VMD – the DVD Format War may Continue

HD VMD Keeps DVD Format War GoingFighting against the new DVD champion, VMD is the disc format that thinks it can – but only time will tell as this highly versatile format, which uses standard discs now in use and is backwards compatible, continues to push their low-price players and recorders.

The company just issued a press release saying “All indications are that VMD can fill the void left by HD DVD,” and that “The way is now clear for VMD to be embraced by the industry.” We suppose thats true — the Asian bootlegging industry really hasnt weighed in with a format choice yet, has it? In any event, VMD players have apparently been shipping to the US for a month now.

HD-DVD not in the Party Mood for CES – Withdraws Event

Warner Home Video Ditches HD-DVDHD-DVD was dealt a major blow when Warner Home Video announced they were going to now exclusively use the BluRay High Definition DVD format. That was the last studio to hold out on making a choice between one and the other – and ironically, more HD-DVD players have been sold (excluding of course PS/3 sales) – yet the planned Cocktail Party and Event to be held on January 6 was cancelled.

High-Def DVD Formats Multiply over Weekend

High-Def is here whether you like it or not. Luckily, in the good ‘ol USA we have fairly decent selection of HD programming already – while other areas of the world still have none, even the EU has a serious shortage. When it comes to buying movies in High-Def, you currently have two options: BluRay and HD-DVD. Competing formats reminding me of the VHS vs Beta days of Video Tape.

Over the weekend, two announcement were made regarding new formats of High Def DVDs. The first to be announced should be a consumer favorite – lower cost players, lower cost media. Called the ‘HD-VMD’ – this high-def versatile format uses red lasers like standard DVD and CD players – lowering costs dramatically and only a bit over that of current DVD media and players. With a set-top player expected to be under $200, this new format may be a late starter – but big winner in the High Def DVD arena.

TigerDirect Weekend News Update for 12-10-06

Today’s news headlines for the weekend ending December 10, 2006 include a report on new materials to replace silicon in transistors, enabling a reduction in size and increase in processing speed; Oblivion and Gears of War receive the most honors at the Spike TV awards; Blu-Ray seen as premature and adding too much cost to the Playstation 3 according to their customers and the new up and coming challenge to YouTube could be your television.

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