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TigerDirectTV: Tech Juice April 25, 2012

Tech Juice on TigerDirect TV is all about the new Google Drive buzz and we talk about the rumored Intel powered laptop-tablet hybrid with Ivy Bridge.

Net Neutrality: Rogers Canada Shows Off Power

Save the Internet!Rogers Canada is showing that they ultimately have control of their users ‘pipe’ to the Internets and beyond. An image from a blogger (Laura Weinstein) website which reported Rogers is making alerts to their users – in another webpage (Google’s in this example). What would stop them there – instead of just adding advertisements to the pages.

While Rogers’ current planned use for this Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and modification system (reportedly manufactured by “In-Browser Marketing” firm “PerfTech”) is for account status messages, it’s obvious that commercial ISP content and ads (beyond the ISP logos already displayed) would be trivial to introduce through this mechanism. By the way, PerfTech is even using Google for one of its linked promotional examples on the PerfTech home page. I wonder if they bothered to ask Google’s permission for that?

Canadian Cellular Tower Google Maps Mashup

Canada Cell Tower MapGoogle Maps has allowed people to become quite creative with data ‘mash-ups’ since it’s released API. Those who scurry about the wide and open range in Canada are aware that cellular coverage is not quite as guaranteed as it may be in major metropolitan areas.

With this handy Google Maps Mash-up, You can view your town, street or travel areas and see exactly what carriers provide coverage. Kudos to Steven Nikkel for this great work.