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Amplify your Music with Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver

Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD ReceiverIf you want excellent audio quality and instant iPod access right in your car, then you should definitely check out the Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver. The Supertuner® IIID advanced analog and digital processing enhances your audio experience.

Booming Sounds: Pioneer DEH2000MP CD Receiver with MP3/WMA Playback

Pioneer DEH2000MP CD Receiver with MP3/WMA PlaybackIf you are looking for a simple, classic CD player that you can rely on for quality performance, choose the Pioneer DEH2000MP CD Receiver with MP3/WMA Playback…

LITE-ON DH-20A4H DVD Burner – Blistering Fast!


LITE-ON DH-20A4H-08 E-IDE Burner with Lightscribe TechnologyAbout a decade ago, all-in-one CD and DVD drive solutions were either rare or absurdly expensive. Drives then accepted limited types of CD and DVD formats. Likewise, they weren’t capable of burning multiple kinds of optical storage media. They were also a tad too slow to write and burn, making them annoyingly inefficient—especially with such demanding requirements like ours. Thankfully, those times are all but history, and today we have the full-featured LITE-ON DH-20A4H-08 E-IDE Burner that offers a simple and pain-free solution to all our burning needs.

Sony BMG Reimburses Consumers for Anti-Piracy Software

Embedded Software Costs Music Giant Big Bucks  Sony BMG Music Entertainment has agreed to pay 4.25 million dollars as part of a settlement between it and 39 states and the District of Columbia.  The issue at hand? Resolving problems caused by anti-piracy software that’s been secretely included in music CDs.  The programs, known as MediaMax […]

What is the Best Way to Store Important Data?

With the internet explosion, and growing IT (information technology) age, there is a great need to be able to store all personal as well as important information. We’re in a digital world that is rapidly progressing. We see photography growing into digital pictures. Music is going into mp3s and wavs. Video going into mpegs, avis, and rmvbs. Do you see the digital technology trend? It’s exploding, and shows no signs of stopping!