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Video: Wireless Extenders Mobile Cell Phone Coverage Extender

Do you ever lose Cell Phone Coverage while in your car? Don’t pitch your handset out the window! Get the Cell Phone Mobile (read: in-car) range extender from Wireless Extenders! This company makes some great products…and this one is no exception! This complete kit contains everything you need to make your automobile a permanent mobile […]

Video Review: Wireless Extenders Cell Phone Signal Booster (Dual Band)

Designed for consumers, the zBoost cell phone signal booster extends a zBoost Cell Zone for single or multiple users in homes or offices! Dual-Band model covers all phones except Nextel.

Video: The Samsung T509 Unlocked GSM Phone

The Samsung SGH-t509 deserves to have its own adjective: slicksleek! It embodies a range of technology that’s every bit as up-to-the- minute as its beautiful exterior.

Video: Panasonic MX-7 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

The MX7 from Panasonic is designed for the mobile phone connoisseur who appreciates the higher performance model of the MX series. Its reliability never fails to impress! Above all, the MX7 is well loved because the ultra high-capacity battery provides Maximum Endurance. Accompanied by Bluetooth compatibility, it will always be a sturdy companion you can […]

Video: Nokia 6682 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

This incredible phone from Nokia brings the world to you! Aside from clear, crisp conversations with friends and family, this phone is a personal planner, camera, and more all rolled into one! The Nokia 6682 provides plenty of functions useable throughout your daily life like calendar, alarm, and a built in camera capable of recording […]

Video:Nokia 5200 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Sporting a cool and fresh design, the Nokia 5200 GSM cellphone boasts street-smart looks, a compact size and plenty of opportunities for fun and productivity. This versatile tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) features a VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, camcorder and video player, stereo FM radio and the convenience of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Nokia 5200 […]

Video: Samsung E890 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

An innovative and convenient Touch UI combines the keypad and TFT display into one, turning the SGH-E890 into a super compact mobile communicator. Use handwriting input to convey exactly what you want. And enjoy a full range of multimedia features. This amazingly versatile phone boasts a camera, camcorder and music player, and allows you to […]

Samsung P310 Unlocked GSM Credit Card Cell Phone

Samsung’s P310 offers superior portability with its slim and wide form factor. Designers and engineers managed to trim the Card Phone II to a mere 8.5mm in thickness. The P310 shed the P300′s retro look and wrapped itself in elegant colors. Resembling a simple and clean credit card, the P310′s modern design is sure to […]

Samsung X830 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

An MP3 player with a phone inside? Cellphone manufacturers have had the reverse (phones that play MP3s) for some time now. But here’s the latest X830 from Samsung, a compact true-blue 1GB MP3 player that also has a phone built in! Stylish and compact, this phone comes in an array of colors including the highly […]

Video: Motorola Razr…Miami Ink Style

The RAZR line of cellular phones from Motorola have personified the cutting edge of wireless style and capability. Now this simmering family of phones takes it one step further: The Miami Ink Edition V3 RAZR phones! These slim ultra cool wireless phones are sporting beautiful and haunting designs penned exclusively by Ami James, the master […]