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TigerDirect Winter Symposium: Tiger Wireless

TigerDirect Supplies the World with great deals on computers, peripherals, and all types of electronic equipment! But did you know that they work with Wireless phone service providers to bring you the absolute cheapest deals there are? Check out Creative Director Dan Brown as he catches our Tiger Wireless representative early on in the Symposium, […]

Top Staff At RIM Aint Scared Of No iPhone

The Co-Chief Executive of Research In Motion (RIM) Jim Balsillie has said that the imminent launch of Apple’s iPhone does not pose a threat to RIM’s consumer-geared BlackBerry Pearl, but simply marks the entry of another competitor into the burgeoning Smartphone market. “It’s kind of one more entrant into an already very busy space with […]

Motorola Rokr E6 Unlocked GSM PDA Phone Is Ultra-Cool!

The MOTOROKR E6 is the ideal mobile device for classy professionals who wish to balance business efficiency with portable entertainment. Dedicated music keys, expandable memory, movie watching and making capabilities, arm users with an arsenal of entertainment options. The sleek device doesn’t stop there; it is combined with the business tools necessary to succeed in […]

New From Cardo: BlueTooth Headsets For The Great Outdoors!

Appearing at the TigerDirect symposium, Cardo showed off their latest in bluetooth headsets! Related Links: Scala 500 Bluetooth Headset by Cardo, Bluetooth Cellular Accessories

RIM BlackBerry Pearl- Finally Fashionable

Been having BBenvy over the features but embarassed to carry one? Your day has come that a ‘nice’ Blackberry is available. Check out the Blackberry Pearl! The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone is one of the world’s smallest smartphones and packs all of the power of BlackBerry. It comes complete with digital camera, multimedia capabilities and […]

The D-Link DPH-540 Wifi VOIP Phone Is The Next Big Thing In Internet Telephony

D-Link introduces the Wi-Fi Phone (DPH-540), providing the freedom of wireless connectivity and the benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP) all in one sleek portable flip-style phone. By utilizing the Wi-Fi Phone with a VoIP service plan, both home and business users have the potential to dramatically reduce local and long distance telephone charges compared […]

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week of January 22, 2007 (Part 1)

Now Available: E-Hope For The Grammatically Challenged Mignon Fogarty has created the online cure for your comma, semi-colon, and punctuation hang-ups: she calls it Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Actually a pod-cast that addresses common and not-so-common glitches, misconceptions, and errors in the common language, Fogarty’s bright idea has become a […]

Looking For A New Phone? The PEBL Rocks!

Is your fashion sense stuck between cell phone design and a hard place? You need to check out the Motorola PEBL, as our intrepid Lonny Paul and Amber have both done in this installment of TigerDirect’s video blog. Use the PEBL to refine your mobile style. Motorola PEBL colors let you make a personal style […]

Apple new ‘i-Phone’ debut by Steve Jobs

Well, it seems that people are totally wanting the new cellular phone/iPod integrated all-in-one device that allows you to do most anything, if it gets to stay the ‘iPhone,’ only time will tell.

Proper Cell Phone Etiquette

Have you ever been seated in a theatre and the villain is about to be uncovered and someone’s cell phone rings – and he or she answers it. How annoying! How Rude! They just ruined the movie for you. How about when you’re about to enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant and the person sitting at the table next to you decides to have a conversation on their cell phone about their recent surgery. What if it’s your cell phone that rings while you’re at the museum. Do you answer it? Do you let it continue to ring? We’ll help you learn the proper etiquette of using a cell phone in public.

Cell phones have made our lives easier and much more productive. We now have instant access to communicate with anyone nearly anywhere in the world. The unfortunate truth about cell phones is that many people will use their cell phone anywhere and at any time. This sometimes creates a disturbing and annoying experience and can even create a dangerous situation.