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How to Purchase Your New Cellular Phone

The cellular phone is no longer just for the rich-&-famous. Millions of people around the world own a cellular phone for communications with work, family and friends. The cellular phone has enabled us to be at almost any place on Earth and dial a phone number and instantly be in communication with another person. But […]

New Year’s Resolution: Love Thy Cellular Phone

My hate/love relationship with the cellular phone began back in the early 1980s, before its popular existence. As an afternoon news anchor at a radio station in beautiful Vero Beach, I spent my mornings in aerobics classes with shapely housewives, reading murder mysteries while stretched out on a blanket at the beach, or attending to […]

Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth 2.0 Headset Review

Bluetooth headsets finally come of age! The Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth 2.0 Headset is a gently flexible and comfortable design that features a unique “left” and “right” ear wearing function for even greater comfort – and without additional ‘accessories.’

MySpace in the Palm of Your Hand!

Cingular Wireless, the nations largest wireless carrier and MySpace.com, the world’s leading lifestyle portal announced an exclusive partnership to offer MySpace.com to all Cingular Wireless customers via their cellular phone.

Hurry – The Sale Ends This Sunday!

Tiger Direct has a huge assortment of computers and other electronics on sale at amazing low prices. TigerDirect carriers the most powerful processors in desktop and laptop computers to portable GPS navigators, satellite radio receivers and everything else in between. Here are just a few examples of TigerDirect’s super holiday sales ENDING THIS SUNDAY