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National Day of Unplugging… One Day to Go!

Okay, so if you are reading this on Saturday before sundown – busted!  You aren’t participating in the ‘National Day of Unplugging!  This year a group of individuals got together in an attempt to get people to put down their phone for just one day.  The event ran from sundown on Friday to Saturday. According […]

Instant Communication – PTT made easy with TiKL

Want to talk with only a touch? Then try TiKL, a great new Android app for your anDroid powered phone. Quick and easy communication, and perfect for in car use.

Motorola V1100 is a Lot of Phone for Very Little Money

Motorola V1100In the cellular phone arena, the competition between companies is as stiff as ever. It is as if no minute passes for companies to announce a new model that either combines new technologies or introduces a new feature altogether. Of course, this has benefited no one but us, the consumers.

What can’t be denied is that it is getting harder to choose one that is perfect for us. After all, we all have different needs and tastes. But for the stylish user, there remains one clear choice: the Motorola V1100. Bold and beautiful doesn’t begin to describe this sexy-looking cellular phone.

HTC Touch Dual – Sample Images and Video

Sample HTC Touch Dual Unlocked Cellphone Image by CompUSAThe HTC Touch Dual is one hot unlocked GSM phone – and available from the All-New CompUSA. As part of our ongoing effort, CompUSA wants to ensure you have a good experience with every product we offer. As such, we are now taking sample photographs with a number of the new products which pass through our photo studio so you can see first hand the kind of images (and video) you can expect!

Projector Phone makes Asian Debut

Your cellphone seems to be the center of your universe these days – so, if you are already living the iLife on the iPhone – what you are missing is a (are you ready?) – projector.

Fresh from the web, this is the first CKing projector-phone with an LED projector capable of a 30 inch VGA resolution (640×480) image. Not to shabby for an iPhone knock off with a bunch of extra internal components (and it looks like there is a fan in it too – check the back).

Unlocked N-Series Nokia Phones Get Gaming Gear

NGage Star Wars (Courtesy of Nokia)Cellphone lovers tend to buy more unlocked phones these days because many features are cut out of the phones purchased from carriers including Verizon, and T-Mobile. Reduction in features reduces the cost – and thereby allows them to sell phones for less or provide them at reduced costs when purchased with a service plan. CompUSA customers have had access to unlocked GSM phones for some time and with unlocked CDMA phones compatible with Verizon and Sprint on the horizon with their new ‘open platform’ approach – the advantages to no contract extension requirement and sometimes many more features – makes them a winner.

People who have purchased unlocked n-Series Nokia cellphones, specifically the models based on the Symbian Series 60 OS, including the N81, N81 8GB, N82, N95 and N95 8GB, were provided a treat today – their phones are completely ready to participate in the new Nokia N-Gage game download service.

AT&T Wireless Chooses LTE for 4G Services

AT&T LogoAT&T was announced as a big winner in the FCC Auction of frequency for next generation wireless services, and with AT&T expecting to deliver AT&T 3G services to nearly 350 major U.S. markets by the end of the year, they are already planning for the years ahead when our bandwidth needs are greater and more digital mobile services are in use.

With broadband speeds in the hundreds of Megabits – this is no slow connection and promises much for the future of wireless.

Kindess can be Rewarded – by Nokia

Pangea Day - And Win from NokiaMaking videos can be fun, but winning a contest with a video you made would be excellent! Nokia has announced their ’2008 Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards’ as a worldwide event.

Participants must submit videos that have something to do with acts of kindness, inspiring or even something that ‘makes you smile’ and be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

Mobile Web Use on the Rise

Prada Unlocked GSM CellphoneCompUSA customers tend to be a bit more hip than the average bear – and you are probably using the internet more than your peers on mobile devices – and according to Google – more than ever.

When nobody was using the Internet on the phone, I was. When nobody had a Blackberry, I did. When nobody had Windows Mobile, I did. Now, I just have a phone. While the allure of the iPhone and some of the other sexy GSM devices that have been coming out – I’m not sure exactly how I feel about mobile computing – although I love using my iPod Touch on WiFi – and having that everywhere would be nice – but after spending 20 hours a day on a computer – do you need more time to be connected?

Nüvifone: Garmin Enters Mobile Phone Market

garmin-nuviphone.jpgGarmin International Inc., the world’s leading GPS manufacturer, announced its entrance into the mobile phone market with the nüvifone. An all-in-one, slim bodied, touchscreen device, the nüvifone combines the features of a premium phone, mobile web-browser, and cutting-edge personal navigator.