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Winners at Computer America for the Mogo Mouse!

Wow! Things got hot tonight on Computer America where Craig Crossman and Carey Holzman gave away tons of giveaways – all in total over $5400 in prizes.

When to Buy a New Computer?

Buying a new computer is often a big decision – and there are a few things you should know, so take a listen to Craig Crossman of Computer America in this Instant Message providing you guidance on buying a new computer.

Hawking 300N Dish Serves up Better Wi-Fi Reception

Hawking 300N WiFi DishWhen I think of an antenna, the fist thing that pops into my mind is an image of the old rabbit ears that used to sit on top of my TV set back when I was a kid. Perhaps I’m dating myself once again as I reveal such imagery to you but there it is. Now ask any kid today what an antenna looks like and they’re more than likely going to describe something that looks like a dish. And why not since the satellite dish has become the antenna icon of the 21st century.

So it seems only natural that when you design something that’s supposed to receive a modern, computer radio signal of some kind today that you make it look like a dish. And that’s exactly what they’ve done over at Hawking Technology in designing their small antenna to receive a Wi-Fi signal.

Website Helps to Publish Your Book

The Internet lets us do things and affords us opportunities like never before. Take publishing for example. The Internet has literally transformed the music business. Things like iTunes and mp3 players have really turned the music industry around. But the web has changed the music publishing industry as well. There used to only be a few record label companies out there that were capable of taking a new artist or music group to stardom. Now the Internet helps you to get you started by making it a lot easier to get your music heard. Of course you still need the talent to make it. It’s just a lot easier to get the exposure that was once reserved only by those major recording labels.

Hypnocube is fun to watch and a Joy to Own

HypnoCube (Courtesy of Hypnocube.com)

The HypnocubeOK so I’m into computers and technology. I use computers, I write about them and I talk about them on my weekly radio talk show, Computer America.

I’m also a gadget hound which means that I use and even collect technology devices and gadgets of all sorts. Sometimes I’ll buy a technology gadget just because it’s very cool. These devices fall into that special category that’s defined as something that has absolutely no useful purpose nor any redeeming value and I will probably never use it but I want one.

CompUSA on Computer America!

Computer AmericaComputer America is the longest running syndicated radio show exclusively all about computers – and CompUSA was there this Wednesday to talk about the All-New CompUSA, upcoming store openings and other exciting changes. The CompUSA Director of eCommerce appeared for the ‘Wednesday Madness’ show and was able to pitch his 2¢ in on the debate of Vista.

Show co-host Carey Holzman resoundingly argues against upgrades to Vista on existing XP machines, and I tend to agree. While I don’t think Vista is something you need to ‘avoid’ by any means – I love Vista. But as with anything, a new car, bicycle, etc. – you take a little bit to get settled in, figure out all the controls and get comfortable. Listen to the full two hours of the show right here!

Have a Drink, Snack and a Fish in your iPhone

HotTrix for your iPhoneSo I’m an owner of an iPhone and I’m happy every time someone asks me to show it off to them. It amazes me that even after all this time, the iPhone still gets so much attention when I use it. I’ll put it through its paces and I smile when I hear the oohs and ahhs. Even though people know about the iPhone, for one reason or another they just haven’t seen one up close nor held one in their hands and tried it out for themselves.

And now that Apple released the latest 1.1.3 version of the iPhone’s operating system, there’s even more to show off such as the pseudo GPS ability in the Google Maps application. However I’ve recently been using something that brings a whole new meaning to iPhone show off.

Computer America and Tiger recap CES 2008

Computer America, the nation’s longest-running nationally-syndicated radio show about computers was gracious to have TigerDirect appear again on their show and talk about the world of products at CES 2008 on January 16th.

As always, host Craig Crossman and co-host Carey Holzman fielded questions along with TigerDirect’s Lonny Paul from listeners by phone and email. Listen to the show podcast and keep listening for more about TigerDirect and Computer America!

CES 2008 is Underway in Sunny Las Vegas Nevada

TigerTV at CES 2008Are you ready for CES? We are! In fact, the whole TigerTV crew is out in Beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada right now. The show kicked off with lights, glamour, even robots. Yes, it wouldn’t be up and coming technology without robots. Or shoes that walk for you. The TigerTV crew is out at the Sands Convention center getting the first coverage from CES 2008 for you, and don’t forget tonight is the TigerDirect 11th Annual Charity PC Race at 7PM PST. Watch the live pre-race coverage right here on Tiger News starting at 8:30 EST. Be sure to tune in!
Plus, you can catch the race online at Graveline.com and ComputerAmerica.com starting at 7PM PST!

Website Gets You Through to A Live Person

I love technology. I embrace it. Technology makes my life so much easier. I can’t imagine my life without a personal computer, cell phone, GPS navigation in my car, satellite TV, digital camera, the list is a very long one. But even I, who writes and talks about technology for a living, will agree that there are some technologies that should die and when I say “die,” I mean die hard and fast. One of those technologies is the phone tree.

Think about when you last picked up the phone to call a credit card company or an airline or a bank or some other service orientated company about some pressing issue. You’re calling that company because more than likely you need to speak to someone about a problem you are having such as a questionable charge on your credit card statement or trying to make a plane reservation or you want to speak to a bank teller for clarification on some banking service. In most of these cases your time is limited and you need to get some answers quickly. You know what needs to be asked and most of the time, a simple response will get you the answer to your question. But when you call, you don’t get a person. You get a phone tree.