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NZXT H2 Classic Computer Case – Logan’s Video Overview

NZXT makes great computer cases. Logan loves cases that make things easy – like taking out front bay retainers, fans, hard drives and good wire management, in fact, without those things he will rarely look or talk about them. Today I saw this video was put up this morning and now I actually want to run out and buy this case today to upgrade from my current gigantic NZXT case.

Apevia Supra X G Type Computer Case [CC] [ESP]

This is an Apevia X-Supra case, mid tower case, this is the G type. So, what’s up with this case? Well it’s very simple, it gets to the point, it’s very cheap, you can spend the money on the good stuff. What counts, what’s inside, your motherboard, you video card, your processor, don’t spend a lot of money on the case because it’s just a box and it’s going to sit on the floor anyway unless you are going to spend a lot of money and get a really pretty one, and have it on top of your desk. Watch the video now! (Subtitled in English and Spanish).

Ultra eXo ATX Mid-Tower Aluminum Case

Ultra eXo ATX Mid-Tower Aluminum CaseIf you are a gamer looking for a superior-quality computer case that has all the features to meet your computing needs, it is always better to choose the product designed and manufactured by a reliable company. To be more specific, though, consider this one from Ultra Products, one of the world leaders of innovative computer solutions.

Thank them for releasing the most versatile and durable cases and making them available in the market today. One of their top-of-the-line cases is the Ultra eXo ATX Mid-Tower Aluminum Case is built to last years of use and also complies with the standard ATX form factor for do-it-yourself users. Even microATX and EATX motherboards and peripherals can be fitted in this chassis.

NZXT Rogue Crafted Series Small Form Factor Gaming Chassis

NZXT Rogue Crafted Series Small Form Factor Gaming Chassis Undeniably, if you are a PC gamer you know that you have different requirements from the casual computer user. You need a powerful processor, large amounts of RAM and of course, who could forget about the all-important graphics card—hopefully the most powerful one available. Games eat up so much of your PC’s resources that it won’t hurt to have the latest and the greatest PC components working inside your PC.

But how about your PC’s casing? You don’t want that ordinary-looking, barebones computer case you see in your local mom-and-pop computer shop, do you? Get a case that’s fit for a gamer and designed with gamers in mind: the NZXT Rogue Crafted Series Small Form Factor Gaming Chassis—a cutting-edge gaming case designed for systems with Micro-ATX motherboards.

Ultra Aluminus ATX-Mid Tower Case Review

I encountered what I’d thought was an unsung hero today (until I read all the glowing reviews) — the Ultra Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower case with clear side, front USB, FireWire and Audio Ports.

I just happened to see one pass by on its way to the photo studio. I’d heard a certain buzz about this case, but it hadn’t built to anything that shouted at me. Wow, what a spiffy looking case (yeah, I’m dating myself (but who else would have me?).