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TigerDirect TV: Samsung ES7500 AND ES8000 Smart TVs

G6″ – http://bit.ly/Lk8p7j

TigerDirect TV: Samsung 46″ Class LED 3D HDTV

Troduct Link: http://bit.ly/KoQ3og

TigerDirect TV: Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard

Trduct Link: http://bit.ly/HFDDXS

KVM Switch? Tripp Lite 6Ft USB KVM Cable Kit Makes it Easy

Tripp Lite 6Ft USB KVM Cable KitOver the years, Tripp Lite has proven that it certainly deserves being acclaimed as one of the leading manufacturers of superior quality products. Constantly innovating, and adapting to the needs of their customers, Tripp Lite has quickly become the corporate standard in markets such as the home or home office, small-to-medium business, corporate enterprise, government, education and healthcare.

They offer a wide array of products, from UPS systems to surge suppressors, notebook accessories and KVM switches. And that’s not all. This company’s offering is not only the product of choice for consumers because Tripp Lite’s top quality power protection and connectivity products are proving to be affordable. This is because affordable does not mean low quality, as Tripp Lite’s products, like its 6-ft. USB KVM switch cable will prove.

Gyration Gyroscopic Remote Revolutionizes Multimedia Center Installations

The Gyration Motion PC Gyroscopic Universal Remote ControlWe see plenty of innovative, truly awesome products here at the CompUSA studio. Because of this above-average level of hot stuff, we don’t have too many moments where one of us comes in and starts raving about a product, attempting to sway fellow cubicle-riders to their own way of thinking. In fact, in a company full of PC people, openly declaring your affiliations and technology preferences (Blu-ray or HD DVD, Intel or AMD, etc.) can cause a downright uproar. But I trust Logan our Product Review host, and he’s got several very good arguments for the newest generation of Vista-ready Gyration Controllers. Your mouse is your remote is your input device: It’s a brave new world people. Read on.

Thinking Cap… Gaming Helmet Reads Minds

epoch-gaming-headset.jpgSounds like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, but according to the London Times a $299 headset is due to hit the markets soon that will read facial expressions and simple thoughts to control gaming actions. Called the Epoc, the headset works by reading facial expressions and basic thoughts via non-invasive electroencephalography (EEG), then transferring them to a game character, otherwise known as an avatar.

China Stops Rainfall–Okay, That’s Pretty Cool

china-rain.jpgWith no roof on the showpiece Bird’s Nest stadium, the Beijing Meteorological Bureau has been charged with developing methods of preventing wet weather spoiling what promises to be a spectacular start to the Games on the evening of August 8. “Our experiments with rain mitigation have been aimed at light rain,” said Zhang Qian, Head of Weather Manipulation at the bureau. (Editor’s Note: This might be the coolest Job Title OF ALL TIME!!)