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Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor: Review of a 4-Core PowerHouse

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66 GHz processorJust a few years ago, processor makers introduced us to the new concept of multi-core processing, the first batch of which featured two cores on single die. These dual-core processors took us by storm with the power they delivered. Today however, we face the evolution of these dual-core processors into something even more productive: quad-core processors. Intel plans to take us by storm once again, and with their new lineup of Core 2 Quad processors, that is not far from happening. So without further ado, let’s put our focus on the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor and let’s see how powerful a quad-core processors can really be.

Asus P5E3 Deluxe Motherboard CPU Bundle

Asus P5E3 Deluxe Motherboard and Intel Q6700 CPUTo solve the growing disparity between CPU and memory performance, Intel has recently released a new chipset product that can provide maximum possible performance that allows for optimization of bandwidth secured from the memory subsystem. Called the Intel X38 Express Chipset, it is engineered to support dual-channel DDR3 memory technology for exceptional performance in even the most demanding system applications. With this breakthrough product in mind, Asus created the P5E3 Deluxe motherboard that can support Intel Core 2 Quad processors. So if you are looking for the exceptional performance the Intel X38 chipset can give, choose the more affordable motherboard and an energy-efficient, yet highly capable, processor that can accommodate it. Get an Asus P5e3 Deluxe Motherboard CPU bundled with the Intel C2Q Q6700.

HP Blackbird Gaming Rig Straight from CES 2008

ces-graphic.jpgOur dauntless Tech Review Guru Logan found a gem at this year’s CES 2008: An open case for the HP Blackbird Gaming PC. This is not your older brother’s thrown-together gaming case (remember leaving the sides off for better air flow?). This case was designed from the ground up to be unique; to turn heads in the gaming industry where it’s no longer enough to pack heavy hitting hardware into a rectangular box.

The HP Compaq 6510b Laptop PC–Just don’t Lose Your Finger!

Hewlett-Packard has introduced its HP Compaq 6510b and 6710b business laptops series; both based on the latest Intel “Santa Rosa” notebook platform with the new Core 2 Duo processors featuring clock speeds up to 2.4Ghz and 800MHz front side bus. Exactly what is “Santa Rosa”, other than home of half of Silicon Valley? According to […]

Going Quad-Core: Processors for the Future of Personal Computing

The Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core Processor QX6700 is Intels first of many true Quad Core processors.  Four processing cores means separate, dedicated processing power for each and every data heavy application.  From Graphics to Games, these power-packed wonders are available now, months ahead of the competition.  But what’s the difference between your motherboard and […]