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ThermalTake TR2-R1 CPU Fan Keeps your PC Cool

ThermalTake Technology is the world leader in the supply of thermal management cooling solutions, high-end power supply and chassis for desktop PC and industrial application systems.

Because the ultimate video gaming experience available for gaming enthusiasts relies on today’s cutting edge PCs to deliver high-end PCs, makers rely on ThermalTake to provide the most reliable power supply and the most thermally efficient chassis and cooling solutions – the ThermalTake TR2-R1 CPU Fan.

Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler

Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU CoolerWhen using high-performance CPUs, problems of overheating may sometimes arise. This is because powerful CPUs tend to transfer and process data at very high speeds and in very high volumes which could possibly lead to excessive heat—especially in ill-equipped PC systems.

It is true that most modern processors today already come pre-equipped with a fan and a heatsink. the combination of a PC with high-performance, heat-generating components and a casing that does not allow for good airflow can magnify a CPUs heat problems to the point of eventual CPU meltdown. Fortunately, all of those can be easily remedied with an Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler; the simplest element of the oft-unappreciated Heat Management system.

Get Chilly: Ultra Chilltec Thermal Electric CPU Cooler

Ultra Chilltec Thermal Electric CPU CoolerDuring the dog days of summer, would a simple little electric fan be able to cool you off? It probably wouldn’t. You would have to use an air-conditioning unit to keep yourself from being uncomfortably hot. In the computer world on the other hand, would you use a standard air cooling unit to dissipate the heat from your high-performance, top-of-the-line CPU? Well, only if you want it to overheat. There is no question that a PC with fast components and an advanced CPU can lead to a very hot system, and without the proper cooling device, that PC would overheat and ultimately, break down. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your expensive devices, right?