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Pimped Out Texas District Attorney

Pimped Out Gaming Rig (Image Credit: PennyArcade)When the auditors came around, seeing a pimped-out gaming rig in a bureaucrats office was quite a surprise.

Yet more surprisingly, the rig was paid for with State money all in the name of building a ‘backup server’ for a District Attorney.

Well, shoppers of TigerDirect are able to confirm the lure of UV cables for inside your PC are pretty cool, and hard to resist.

Electronic Kill-Mechanisms – Yes or No?

Security - Anti-TheftWhen people purchase high-ticket items, such as laptops, cellphones or personal music players, like the iPod or Zune – should they be allowed the opportunity activate a ‘kill switch’ electronically within the device to disable it? Some say it is only fair, but would pawn shops then go out of business?
My question is simple. If it gets connected back to Apple as most mainstream users would be using standard tools, like iTunes – why couldn’t the user simply ‘kill’ the device through a simple check-box online. Once it’s connected, bingo. iPod gets fed a magic packet – and boom. Lights out. Too simplistic? Vote in our poll.