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Samsung Announces New Eco-Friendly LED Monitors

Samsung has been satisfying many customers with their favorite Touch of Color displays, but these new LED eco-friendly displays will be sure to provide many with an even sleeker display.  Based on the release photographs, the new models feature a sexy metal stand without the full “disc base” that we were used to seeing on […]

I-Inc AH191DPB 19-inch Widescreen LCD Display

I-Inc 19in widescreen LCD MonitorIt’s hard to believe how far computer monitors have gone. Just a few decades ago, computer users labored on low resolution, monochrome CRT monitors that were, to put things bluntly, unattractive to look at. Perhaps back then, that was the only thing that people required. But boy, I bet that if those same people took a gander at the I-Inc AH191DPB 19-inch Widescreen Active Matrix TFT Display today, they wouldn’t believe what they were missing. This brilliant looking monitor is heaven-sent, and will no doubt please the most discerning of us.