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Japanese Robot Phones Interact with You

PhoneBraver is a little Robot-like cell phone that can interact with youWant a Cell phone that turns into a Robot? Me too. But while there’s little hope any of us will ever get their very own Transformer, a Japanese company called Softbank Mobile Corp. wants to hook you up with the next best thing. It’s called the PhoneBraver, and looks like a small humanoid robot with arms, legs, and faces. The little monster’s bodies are made up of the cell phone itself.

Machinimas: A Blending of Film, Gaming Culture, and Sheer Creativity

halo.jpgThere’s a phenomenon sweeping the web. While it’s not new, it’s only now starting to garner real attention. Machinimas, or movies created using in-game footage from today’s graphically advanced gaming platforms and Web 2.0 social games (like Second Life) are gaining popularity amongst the general public. Machinimas have been around in one form or another since the time of the original Quake videogame from ID Software Studios. But these largely consumer-made mini-cinemas are now starting to show up in the main stream. Remember the Toyota Tacoma/Worlds of Warcraft commercial? That wasn’t a mash up; it was a Machinima.