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Tired of missing the last second on eBay? Fret no More!

If you are tired of playing the cat-and-mouse game on eBay, especially when you don’t have the time to spend sitting and refreshing the pages, why not try something different – something that will help you get that next auction you are trying so hard for – without your help!

That’s what we feature in today’s Into Tomorrow Tech Update with Dave Graveline.

Great Photos of your Holiday Food is Easy!

Kodak’s Nancy Carr gives us a great tip for taking incredible pictures of food – you know that stuff we’ll all be eating so much of over the holiday season. Today’s Tech Update with Into Tomorrow’s Dave Graveline serves up this great tip to make your holiday photos even better!

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Climbing in Bed with Your Computer?

Don’t feel alone – 40% of those surveyed take their laptops to bed with them – and we can only anticipate that with longer working hours and less time at home it could become even more prevalent. For more insight on this topic, let’s tune into today’s ‘Tech Update’ with Dave Graveline.

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ITTV Weekly Update for 12-7-07

Dave Graveline presents ITTV for the first week in December complete with Chris and his look back at This week in Tech History, Andrea’s Tech Term of the Week – Skype, and Rob takes a look at Digital Photo Frames.

Watch back next week for the next edition of ITTV!