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Nextar X3i GPS Gets you there for under $100

Nextar X3i GPSNextar’s X3i GPS will provide you with a 3½ inch display to get where you are going. Using a GPS in these days of the every sprawling suburbia – with street names instead of number and courts, circles and terraces everywhere – is a necessity.

What happened to streets and avenues, simple numbers, please! Well, get lost no more when you save $50 on this great GPS from Nextar – and get it for under $100 at the All-New CompUSA!

Garmin Nüvi 350 GPS Reciever Review

garmin-in-use.jpgHave you been looking for a GPS that gets the job done without any setbacks, and yet is generous to your bank account? Ladies and gentlemen, Garmin’s nüvi 350 GPS Reviever is the answer you seek.

With steep competition among GPS manufacturers and an oversaturation of choices, at times it becomes a difficult task in itself to determine which product is right for your exact needs. But with the nüvi 350, you can rest assured that it’s the perfect intersection of all of your expectations in a GPS unit.