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Tigerdirect TV: Tech Juice July 24, 2012

Its Tuesday on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV and the Navy’s got a new assault ship – that uses half the gas of the traditional ships thanks to electric drivers. We also get an on a new Diablo 3 exploit that gives the Barbarian’s Class more life! Nice..Today’s Deal of the Day is very nice. […]

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 8, 2012

Tuesday morning on Tech Juice brings us the brighter side of tech news with liquid cooled LED light bulbs and driver-less Google cars in Nevada. Don’t forget to check out the TigerDirect Deal of the Day!

Catalyst 8.3 Display Drivers Released

Ati CatalystGet the Catalyst 8.3 drivers from AMD/ATI and get your motors running! This new update should make Vista gamers rejoice based on initial reports with a swath of new features. TigerTV’s Logan will be giving you all the gory details in the near future, but for now – you need to get some of these new features:

Vista users reap most of the benefits as they will be able to:

  • Support up to four GPUs with CrossFireX Quad. Unlike the GeForce series, you will be able to intermix 3870, 3850 and 3870 X2s to use 3 or 4 cards.
  • HydraVision: New features such as dividing the desktop into user definable areas called HydraGrid, keeping your applications where you want them; another which allows 9 virtual desktops (much like Ubuntu) with specific app positioning and display settings for each desktop.
  • Users with the AMD 780G integrated graphics board and a HD 3400 series card will enjoy better performance.