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Designed to Perform: Visionman GMI-3N7800 Extreme Gaming PC

Visionman GMI-3N7800 Extreme Gaming PCHardcore gamers everywhere will be happy about the high-end performance of the Visionman GMI-3N7800 Extreme Gaming PC. Composed of superb high-performance components, it is guaranteed to let you charge through the most demanding games.

The Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case houses all the components to keep them cool, and in tip-top shape. It is a very durable steel case designed for further expansion and to properly regulate system temperature.

The Power of Multimedia: Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC

Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PCSome desktop PCs are built for gaming. Some are built for simple computing.

But if what you’re looking for is a desktop PC that can act as the center for all your multimedia needs, then check out Visionman DTA-1A7800 Slim Desktop PC. Here we have a PC you can station in your living room to operate as a multimedia center device.

Fast Speed, Fast Games? Visionman GMA-2A7800 AMD Gaming Computer

Visionman GMA-2A7800 AMD Gaming ComputerSome of the most demanding computer users belong to the category of gamers. And who can blame them? Gaming pushes the computing envelope further like no other task can…

Visionman GMA-1A7800 AMD Gaming Computer

Visionman GMA-1A7800 AMD Gaming Computer Because of increasing demands in computer gaming, gaming computers should be far more advanced that regular computers. The Visionman GMA-1A7800 AMD gaming computer is specifically designed for this purpose.

Online gamers hate it when the fun is spoiled by slow computers. With the Visionman GMA-1A7800, you get the AMD64 X2 4200+ CPU that has twice the efficiency of regular processors with two physical cores. Choppy frame rates and lag are things of the past.