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Cable Management for PC Building

PC Cable Management

    Cable Management For PC Building increases airflow, makes it easier to work on your rig and it also makes it looks better. You can immediately tell the difference between clean cable management and someone who did not have the time for it. One reason why i think many people do not get around to it is because you have to […]

CompUSA and GoodShop Benefit Your Charity

Being able to be charitable while shopping is rarely the case – but it can be each time you shop at the All-New CompUSA.com, courtesy of GoodShop. CompUSA is a participating vendor at GoodShop (powered by GoodSearch) – providing 1-3% of every purchase you make at the All-New CompUSA.com to benefit your chosen charity. According to NBC, ‘Helping others is as easy as clicking on a link!” using Goodshop.

The BenQ MP612c: Professional Projector for the Rest of Us

BenQ MP612cWhile HD projectors, LCDs, Plasmas and other types of HD displays are made for viewing high-definition movies and games, mainstream projectors are designed for other purposes. Mainstream projectors are designed for use during office presentations, school reports, and in other similar situations that don’t necessarily require a high-definition display.

Compared to the other display formats mentioned above, mainstream projectors are simply a more cost-effective solution when presenting ideas or plans to a large audience. That is why the BenQ MP612c is the ideal large-format display solution for all your presentation needs; it offers one of the best values in both quality and affordability.

Connecticut to Offer Online High School Classes

Online ClassesLove sitting at home and being online? Well, if you are a high-school student in Connecticut, that may be a great thing as you will be able to access courses not even available at your school – like Mandarin, biotechnology and international business – and seemingly for free!

Summer school is one of the most hated terms you can hear nationwide as June starts to roll around. Classes in hot classrooms while your friends are out playing and enjoying their teenage summer.

Hard Drive How-To: The Where, Why, and How of Disc Defragmentation

Information that appears to be a neatly arrayed bunch of data stored safely on your PC can actually be strewn haphazardly around your [tag]hard drive[/tag]. This makes it as easy for your computer to find and recall data as it is to find a pair of clean socks in an otherwise messy room. The difference […]

Impact of Solar Flares and Mass GPS Outage

When posed the question “If solar flares cause extended GPS outages, do you feel you will be affected?” TigerNews visitors said overwhelmingly “No, I don’t use a navigation system.”

This was kind of a trick question, because it is possible that we will all be affected by a widespread GPS outage. Many more things than your car’s navigation system utilize GPS for a variety of reasons – including cellular telephone networks, traffic signals and more – including OnStar service, carrier tracking systems – and surely much, much more.

Don’t Let Static Cling Ruin Your PC Build!

When you decide to put your own computer together yourself, you have to remember one important thing: static electricity can damage or even destroy important parts of your brand new build, even if you do everything else correctly. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid this potentially damaging energy by taking a few simple steps before you […]

Tiger Tips: 5 E-mail Dos and Don’ts

According to recent surveys, business professionals spend about two hours per day organizing and managing their e-mail. That’s an average of 520 hours per year spent managing e-mail. “Ineffective, improper and incorrect use of electronic e-mail on company computers exposes organizations to wasted time, bad press, and the possibility of legal action,” notes Al Borowski, […]

Dancing off the Weight

No, it’s not another Richard Simmons video. The West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency sponsored a research project involving overweight and obese children of the state and Konami’s Corp’s “Dance Dance Revolution” video game. The study was performed with 50 overweight or obese children that ranged in age from 7 to 12 years. The study […]

Tiger Tips: Choosing the Right Music Download Service

Downloading music today is simple, fast and LEGAL! You can find vintage classics, 70s disco, European house and any other type of music of your liking. There are many Know which service will work with your iPod. Know which service specializes in independent artist and record labels. Understand which service you can recommend songs to […]