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CDs, DVDs, MicroSDs, Oh Please! A Helpful Guide To Blank And Writeable Media!

The difference between the various types of blank and writable media can be confusing. If you add in flash media storage devices, you’ve got quite a conundrum! Some flash media cards can work with some equipment, but not with others. Some CDs can be written to only once, others over and over again! And then […]

Tiger Tips: 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Mobile Printer

In today’s fast paced mobile world, mobile printers have proven to be invaluable. Mobile printers have reduced operating costs, increased productivity, increased revenue and made the mobile computing experience more efficient. Choosing the right mobile printer for you or your business’ needs is not a simple task. You have several factors to consider: printer features, […]

Tiger Tips: An Inside Look at Hard Drives

Hard Drives – Bigger is Better But Size (GBs) Does Matter and So Does Speed (RPM) When 2 Drives Are Better than One Purchasing a hard drive (HDD) is an important buying decision. That’s because all your data is saved on it. If you buy a low quality hard drive it may crash on you […]

Tiger Tips: 4 Tips for Public Hot Spots

When traveling city-to-city and town-to-town, we see signs promoting Wi-Fi access, sometime for free. Everywhere you look, someone has a laptop or other Internet capable Wi-Fi device and they’re surfing the net. But how do they gain access to the Wi-Fi network? We’ll give you a few tips on public Wi-Fi hotspots – how to […]

Quick Tips: A Better Way to Control Your Business – Project Management Software

There once was a time when project management was a time consuming and tedious job. With the creation of project management software programs such as Microsoft Office Visio or Microsoft Office Project, you can manage your business’ projects more effectively and have more time to get the job done. We’ll show you 5 reasons how […]

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 22, 2007

Let There Be Wi-Fi for Everyone Internet Service Provider Earthlink said this week that they are in the process of negotiating a contract with the City of Atlanta to build, own and operate a municipal wireless network. Atlanta, home of Earthlink for many years, is also making efforts to provide qualified residents with discounted Internet […]

Shedding Light on CD & DVD Burning

In the past several years, Compact Disc (CD) and Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) burners have become extremely popular for archiving files, pictures, music and more recently video. The popularity of these devices has been driven by their simplicity of use, availability of recordable media and the decreasing price for optical drives and recordable media. This […]

Quick Tips: Setting Up Your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – The Right Way!

Setting up a UPS is actually pretty simple, but there is a sequence that you must follow to ensure proper protection and power supplied to the devices connected. We’ll show you the steps to connecting your UPS – The Right Way! The importance of power protection to your PC and other electronic devices is absolutely […]

Looking For The Right Cable? Come On Down To Tiger Direct!

The Powers That Be in todays uber-wired world would have you believe that the most important part of your computer is the CPU. Or the Operating System. But anyone who’s ever bought a snazzy new peripheral and then sat there, looking from the tip of the connector to the back of their PC and back […]

10 Tips for Using Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be an extremely effective tool when presenting an idea to a group or single person. PowerPoint allows you to create a visually capturing medium that allows you to convey your idea and hopefully accomplish your goal. Although PowerPoint is a great tool, it can be used in a manner that depreciates the quality […]