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Your PC’s Under Siege – Viruses, Spyware, Malware Oh My!

Viruses, Spyware and Malware – The Threat and How to Protect Yourself Malicious software such as computer viruses, spyware and Malware have become an extremely serious threat to businesses and individuals and the threat is growing exponentially. There are even laws to help stop distributors of this malevolent software, yet the threat and circulation of […]

U.S.A – We’re #1 – in Malware & Spam

Sophos, the world leader in integrated threat management solutions compiled a report with results that the United States was responsible for over one third of the malicious code in websites during 2006. The Sophos Security Report examined in detail the top 10 Malware threats of 2006.

5 Reasons to Use Genuine Software

“Here’s a copy of Office 2007,” your friend says. “Just install it and you’ll be on your way.” But have you thought about the benefits of using genuine software instead of bootleg programs? It may be enticing to save a few bucks, but the advantages of owning genuine software outweigh the negative implications to using […]

How to Choose Your Sound Card?

You’ve decided to build your next PC and now you need to choose your sound card. Or maybe you bought your PC a few years ago and you want better audio for your music and games. Before you buy those 6-speaker surround sound audio speakers, take a look at our how to choose your sound […]

10 Tips For a Healthy PC

It can be an angering experience to press your PC’s power button and nothing happens. It’s also an agitating computing experience to see your computer go from lighting fast to molasses slow. To extend the life of your PC and keep it running in the best condition possible – here are 10 Tips For a […]

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista

Computers have become the focal point of today’s home and Microsoft has developed an operating system that can take full advantage of this reality. People create digital home movies and audio, shopping online, working from home and enjoying full-featured multimedia games. Windows Vista has taken all of these requirements and created an operating system that […]

Understanding Flash Memory

One of the most important new developments in digital technology in recent years is the use of Flash Memory, sometimes called “flash RAM.” There are dozens of flash memory formats on the market today and making the right choice when buying one can make the difference between spending an arm-and-a-leg and buying the right tool […]

PC Tools Checklist

Check MarkSome of these tools are on the unconventional side, but they are valuable nonetheless. If you think plastic zip bags are only useful to hold sandwiches and leftovers, think again – they’ll help you organize your screws and bolts as well as provide a surprising function you’ll discover when you read our list!

Servers – Uses and Benefits to Small Business Owners

CybertronPC - Intel Pentium D 930 3.0GHzBusiness owners want to provide better services to their customers. One way many owners are accomplishing this task is by creating office computer networks and including a server. Why add a server? Servers add an additional level of functionality to small businesses. These functions range from additional storage and processing power to data migration and backup. We’ll help you understand why your business needs a server with 5 easy to understand reasons.

Lets begin by understand what a server is and it’s functions. A server is a computer that provides services to other computers, or the software that runs on it. The functions of your business will determine what types of server you will need. The different types of servers are:

A Few Neat Tricks In Windows Vista

Vista is Here. But are you Vista Savvy? Read on to find out! You’ve gotten your hands on Vista. It’s new, you’re excited: but what can you do with Vista, once you’ve gone and installed it on your premium ready machine? Here’s some great tricks you can accomplish once you’ve decided to enter the Vista […]