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Tips for Using Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Point-and-Shoot cameras not just for kids and novices any more. You can take quality photos with a Point-and-Shoot camera that can make you look like an expert photographer. Even though SLRs have more features, ask any professional photographers and they all own a point-and-shoot camera. There are a few key aspects of photography with a […]

Broadband: Cable vs. DSL

broadbandToday, everybody wants lightening fast Internet service for as little as possible, but with so many companies vying for your business, how do you know which choice is ultimately the best decision for your needs? Cable or DSL?

Both Internet services are available in most areas and both cost relatively the same amount each month, depending on where you live. What makes one better than the other?

Tech Update: Improvements in Home Telephones

For more than a century, the telephone has helped people miles apart reach out to each other. Thanks to ongoing improvements in technology and design, most Americans still consider the home phone – a must have. Listen to the full story from Dave Graveline with Today’s Into Tomorrow Tech Update! Tech Update Podcast for 12-15-06 […]

Tech Update: Retro-Gaming from the Netherlands with Woomb.net

News from the Netherlands on the new retro-gaming service woomb.net that is offering classic Japanese games – in English. Many early Japanese games either were translated poorly or never made it to US soil – now, they are all properly translated and available to you! Listen to the full story from Dave Graveline with Today’s […]

Tech Update: Backlight Photography Tips from Kodak

Light ReflectorsDid you ever try to take a picture of someone where the backlight is so bright that it casts your subject into a big shadow?

When you can’t move your subject out of the light or away from it, use it to your advantage, especially in the early morning or late afternoon, the sun is low in the sky and it’s warm light can illuminate your subject and create a ‘healthy glow.’ Kodak’s Nancy Carr has a couple other tips for making great backlight photos.

Listen for the full story from Dave Graveline with Today’s Into Tomorrow Tech Update!

Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter (PX-PA15AW)

Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter PX-PA15AWThe Plextor® PX-PA15AW Wireless Projector Adapter gives you the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images to any projector with a VGA connectivity, from anywhere in the room. PX-PA15AW receivers allow all meeting participants to receive content from the presenter. Your conference or meeting will never be the same.

Plextor Product Update: World’s Fastest DVD Burner!

PlextorPlextor visited the offices of TigerDirect today to give all our employees the opportunity to learn more and feel the latest Plextor products hands-on. During the day, we were able to spend a few minutes with the Plextor representative to bring you a look at the latest gear.

Discussed were the Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter, the Plextor Premium PX-760A / 18x DVD Writer and the Plextor 80GB USB 2.0 Shock Proof Portable Hard Drive.

Buying Guide: Portable Media Players

So you’re in the gym and see nearly everyone with some device strapped his or her arm. It looks like the remote control to your kid’s TV. The guy in the cube next to you at work always has his headphones on, his fingers drumming to a raucous beat that only he can hear. You take the kids to visit your mom and even grandma has one.

What’s the world coming to? Are you the only person without one of these media player things? What’s it all about? Where did they come from? What are the differences between these media players?

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How to Choose The Right Type of Camera?

Choosing the right camera can be an extremely difficult task. There are literally hundreds of cameras to choose from and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. The most important decision that you will need to make is which type of camera you will purchase. There are two types of digital cameras being produced. […]