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Tigerdirect TV: Tech Juice July 24, 2012

Its Tuesday on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV and the Navy’s got a new assault ship – that uses half the gas of the traditional ships thanks to electric drivers. We also get an on a new Diablo 3 exploit that gives the Barbarian’s Class more life! Nice..Today’s Deal of the Day is very nice. […]

Biostar A770 A2+ Motherboard: Performance at a great Price!

Biostar A770 A2+ MotherboardSince motherboards directly affect a computer’s capabilities and potential for upgrades, many do-it-yourself builders scour shops and surf the internet to find the best potential product. Computer builders look for great performance and good value. If you want to make the most out of your budget, you will have to select a motherboard that can provide enough power for basic office and multimedia applications running on Microsoft Vista and Vista 64 operating systems. To provide consumers of great-value speed and power, Biostar, one of the most reliable manufacturers of computer components, has released its A770 A2+ motherboard.

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop Computer

HP dx2250 RT878UT AMD Desktop ComputerIn accordance to the growing desire to continually develop energy-saving computers, HP has actively released a variety of desktop computers that businesses will find very beneficial. Taking on green computing has recently been the goal of companies primarily because newer, more efficient models are designed to lessen power consumption which in turn means significant profit in the long run. If you own a small to medium business and you’d like to have the perfect budget PC that will help save our planet, you should get the HP dx2250 Desktop Computer running on the AMD Athlon 64 Processor.