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XION Simple Power 450W ATX Power Supply

XION Simple Power 450W ATX Power SupplyA bad power supply unit can cause irreversible damage to your PC components. That being said, you should choose one that exhibits the perfect mix of price and performance! Even if all you need is a simple power supply unit for light workloads or otherwise, choose one that is reliable: The XION LC-8460BTX Simple Power 450W ATX Power Supply is a great performer at an affordable price. This makes it ideal for mainstream use where other power supply units are simply too complicated or expensive.

Electricity Harvesting: A Powerfull Step for Mankind

shocking-knee-photos-pics.jpgUS and Canadian scientists are making huge strides in the development of energy-harvesting technology. They recently developed a device that collects electricity generated by normal everyday human movement such as walking. This device, which they call the Biomechanical Energy Harvester, makes it possible to harness the energy produced by the body as it performs ordinary movements. Biomechanical energy can then be re-used to power all sorts of portable devices from mobile phones to laptops, and even emergency services equipment.

Be Careful – Getting Shocked Isn’t Fun

Each of us know that electricity is our friend – it brings us cool air in the summer and heat in the winter, powers all our favorite devices and without it – life would be much different. But, you must also respect electricity. There are some pretty common sense rules which apply. And according to a Switched report, this man just wasn’t thinking, and died.

Wu took the case off the outside of his PC to prevent it from overheating. For some unexplained reason, he was not running the air conditioner in his home, so he wasn’t wearing that much clothing. At some point, his sweaty leg came in contact with his PC’s innards and Wu was dealt the deadly jolt — 380 volts right from his PC’s power supply.