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Optoma HD72 DLP Projector with screen: Cinema-Quality 720p High Definition

9 Manual Projector ScreenIf you are thinking of building a home theater, but having a hard time deciding which system to pick, then you might want to check out this combo offering. The Optoma HD72 DLP Projector bundled with the Elite Screens M100H 100″ 16:9 Manual Projector Screen may just be the way to go.

If you’re after a projector that delivers sharp, high contrast videos with vibrant colors at a budget price, the Optoma HD72 DLP Projector will never disappoint. It comes with an easy to clean, durable Elite Screens M100H 100” 16:9 manual projector screen, which can be mounted on either the ceiling or the wall, making it a versatile screen for home use. It’s definitely going to be hard to resist the reasonable price tag on this projector-and-screen combo.

Seeing the Big Picture: The Perfect Projection Screen

Elite Screens Spectrum 84 inch Diagonal 16:9 Electric Projection Screen. A home theater system consists of many different elements that need to come together in order to deliver a truly satisfying viewing experience. By far, two of the most important of these elements are the type of display and the sound system. A true home theater experience relies upon the fusion of both the visual and aural elements. If the two are able to complement each other well, the end result is sure to be spectacular. However, if the either element is lacking in terms of quality and performance, the impact is greatly lessened. In terms of visuals, nothing else says “impact” like a colossal screen, such as the Elite Screens Spectrum 84″ Diagonal 16:9 Electric Projection Screen.