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Big Screen! High Definition! Flat Panel LCD! It’s A…Monitor!?

Want a cool monitor? Yes, I know that just being in possession of one or more LCD flat panel display monitors (or TVs, for that matter) does not a cool setup make.

But that doesn’t matter: not if you’re running this mammoth 24-inch AL241WBSD LCD from Acer. Great resolution, incredible display features and specs…even High Definition. Got your attention yet?

A Tale of Two Televisions: A Westinghouse LCD and a Panasonic Plasma

Looking for a flat screen television? Yeah, me too. TigerTV Labs sees a bunch of these every week—but this week was a bit different. I got the chance to give a once-over to a pair of special flat screens. One is a best deal for your money, and the other is one of the best […]

High Definition Superiority Complex: The Sharp Aquos LC-52D62U 52-inch 1080p HD LCD TV

We feature tons of LCD, Plasma, and Rear Projection TVs on our parent-site, TigerDirect.com. I’m often asked: “Which is the best one?” If I answered the question truthfully, I’d no doubt land in hot water for ruining it for the other brands. Truth be told, the “best” depends entirely on what you’re looking for. But […]