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TV Support: TECHCRAFT TKR50B 47″ Flat Panel Mount and Stand

TECHCRAFT TKR50B 47Say you’ve got it all down pat. A monster home entertainment system (a mesmerizing widescreen LCD HDTV, powerful speakers, plus top-of-the-line full-featured DVD players) and a spacious room with exquisite furniture. The perennial question you and admirers of your entertainment suite have is one and the same: how to showcase the entertainment system without destroying the design flow of the room?

The common pitfall is adding some bulky piece of furniture to stuff the TV, the stereo and the DVD players in for the sake of having something to put them in. This might clash with the whole theme of your room – be it modernist or classic American. Plus, what if you’ve got those top-drawer high-tech entertainment items in a modest space?

In comes TECHCRAFT with just the right solution for your organization and showcasing needs. Its TKR50B 47″ Flat Panel Mount and Stand solves this problem and will leave you in awe.

Take a Load off: Balt’s SeatFlex Executive Chair

Balt's SeatFlex Executive ChairChairs can be uncomfortable to sit in for long hours in the office. Even if they have ample back support and armrests, back pain is simply unavoidable. This is why Balt has endeavored to create office chairs that reduce back problems due to prolonged hours of sitting.

Thanks to Balt’s aim of continually producing innovative designs to effectively and consistently decrease fatigue and discomfort, you can definitely maximize your productivity in the workplace. Balt’s Seatflex Executive Chairs are designed to provide superior comfort through their elastic band design that not only conforms to your body type but also allows unobstructed air circulation as well.