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AppleTV brings iTunes Content To The Television Screen

 AppleTV The Next Big Thing From Apple With Apple’s new multimedia powerhouse AppleTV, there’s always something good on television. With Apple TV, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie trailers, on your widescreen TV — wirelessly, from either your Mac or PC.

Apple new ‘i-Phone’ debut by Steve Jobs

Well, it seems that people are totally wanting the new cellular phone/iPod integrated all-in-one device that allows you to do most anything, if it gets to stay the ‘iPhone,’ only time will tell.

Gemini CDT-05 Continues Trend of Excellence

Live to Play.  Play to Live. Gemini Sound Products has one mission:  to enhance your musical experience through function and performance. They’ve built their business over the last 30 years on understanding what’s really wanted and valued in DJ and Pro Audio products. They accompany this devotion to detail with a level of service unparalleled […]

The Evolution of The MP3 Player

music-staff.jpgSo you’re in the gym and see nearly everyone with some device strapped his or her arm. It looks like the remote control to your kid’s TV. The guy in the cube next to you at work always has his headphones on, his fingers drumming to a raucous beat that only he can hear. You take the kids to visit your mom and she even has one. What’s the world coming to? Are you the only person without one of those MP3 things? What’s it all about? Where did they come from? What are the differences between the MP3 players and how much do they cast? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get the knowledge you need and the player you want.

The History of the MP3
mp3_logo.jpgMany years ago in a galaxy far away, well actually less than twenty years ago and in Munich, Germany, the Moving Picture Expert Group Layer III (MP3) was created. The folks at the Franunhofer Institute began researching this technology in the late 1980s. In 1989 they received a German patent for the MP3 and in 1996 the United States issued a patent for the MP3. Within a couple years the whole world began to see MP3 music, and players began popping up everywhere.

Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth 2.0 Headset Review

Bluetooth headsets finally come of age! The Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth 2.0 Headset is a gently flexible and comfortable design that features a unique “left” and “right” ear wearing function for even greater comfort – and without additional ‘accessories.’

GN Netcom GN9120LR Wireless Headset

Tired of being tied to your desk? Ready to be productive while you are still free to roam about the office performing the vital tasks that take us away from our desk?

GN Netcom is a leading producer of the highest quality headsets in the industry. Many say that GN Netcom is the only choice – and today you can see why for under $120 wireless freedom can also be yours!

iSee 360i – Add video to your aging iPod

When you are envious of everyone’s Video iPod, have no fear – a solution to convert your aging iPod into a video-enabled machine can push you ahead of your friends – they don’t have PVR functionality, do they?

This is the iSee 360i. It provides you with a larger viewing area than ANY iPod on the market today in it’s unique docking unit and base station. Further providing more than just the ability to view downloaded video clips on the internet, the iSee 360i allows you to record to and from any analog device – your television cable convertor, Direct TV receiver or even a DVD player.

To learn more about the iSee 360i, visit TigerDirect.com. Compared at $289.99, you’ll save big when you purchase the iSee 360i from TigerDirect. Check it out today!

Hurry – The Sale Ends This Sunday!

Tiger Direct has a huge assortment of computers and other electronics on sale at amazing low prices. TigerDirect carriers the most powerful processors in desktop and laptop computers to portable GPS navigators, satellite radio receivers and everything else in between. Here are just a few examples of TigerDirect’s super holiday sales ENDING THIS SUNDAY

The Holiday Gift for the Guy or Gal Who Has Everything!

It’s not a dream and your eyes are not playing tricks on your. It’s the toilet paper stereo dock for iPod from Atech. The iCarta “TP” iPod dock features four high-performance moisture-free speakers (2 x tweeters & 2 woofers). While playing your favorite tune, it also charges your iPod shuffle or other audio devices with […]

Viewsonic 19″ WideScreen LCD with iPod ViewDock (VX1945)

Viewsonic 19in WideScreen LCD with iPod ViewDockBring Your Music, Videos and Photos Together with the ViewDock enabled Viewsonic VX1945 19″ Widescreen Gloss Black LCD Monitor. This monitor has the unique multimedia integration with an iPod, Flash Memory Card Interface, Built in Microphone, speakers and headset with volume controls, USB expansion ports and PC connectivity to tie it all together, charge your iPod and sync your files. Wow! A lot out of just a monitor!

As this is not, ‘just a monitor,’ Editor Lonny Paul takes a look at this great new product from Viewsonic.

ViewSonic’s 19″ VX1945wm ViewDockâ„¢ LCD blasts through barriers with its Innovative Functionality and beautiful piano-black, gloss finish. Dock your iPod® and listen to tunes while you surf the Internet or do your work. You can even download music directly to your iPod® on the ViewDock.

Free Shipping *See TigerDirect.com for detailsDefend against all comers in your games with no blurs, ghosting or jaggies to slow you down. Feel the sound with the intergrated stereo speakers and subwoofer driving unprecedented audio richness to your desktop display. The VX1945wm sets new standards in multimedia displays with an 8-in-1 card reader, USB connection for your joystick/game control, integrated microphone and headphone jack.