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TigerDirect TV: Samsung Series – Samsung Series 7 Notebook PC

Product Link: 15-inch – bit.ly 17-inch – bit.ly For optimal entertainment from anywhere your day brings you, choose the Samsung Series 7 Laptop PCs. Choose between a 17″ and 15″ display with Full HD 1080p picture quality, providing you with rich and vivid images great for movies and games on the go.

TigerDirect TV: Tech Update 136

honny brings you Tech Update today from his high rise balcony!

TigerDirectTV: Tech Juice April 25, 2012

Tech Juice on TigerDirect TV is all about the new Google Drive buzz and we talk about the rumored Intel powered laptop-tablet hybrid with Ivy Bridge.

TigerDirect TV: Acer Travelmate Notebook

Troduct Link: http://bit.ly/HF6Lgd

Novint Pens Deal with Codemasters Studio for Falcon Controller Integration

Novint Falcon Game ControllerGood News for 3D and ultra-realistic gaming addicts out there: Novint Technologies and CodeMasters game development studio have inked a deal that broadens the scope of game titles compatible with the Novint Falcon Game controller considerably.

This means that there are going to be more and more games coded to take optimal advantage of the Novint Falcon, one of the coolest and most capable real-time 3D controllers on the market. Move over Nintendo Wii, there’s a new controller in the house!

Maximize your Movie Mojo: HP Pavilion Elite m9180f Multimedia PC

HP Pavilion Elite m9180f Intel Desktop PCFor the high-end computer enthusiast who likes to watch movies, listen to music, shoot pictures, and uses a plethora of multimedia programs, HP has come up with a computer system fully configured to provide superb visual entertainment, 3-D gaming, and multitasking power.

Taking a closer look at what runs inside the desktop chassis will provide evidence that the HP Pavilion Elite m9180f Intel Desktop PC has been created to be the perfect computer for a heavenly entertainment experience.

Ready to Race? Get Need For Speed: Carbon for the PS3

NEED FOR SPEED CARBON FOR PLAYSTATION 3 GAMEThe light turns green, and it’s time once again for the Need For Speed series to feed exactly what its name states: your need for speed.

Need For Speed: Carbon promises to take you on an exhilarating and visually stunning ride across cities, through highways and down alleyways, between canyons over mountainsides. Take the steering wheel for yourself–this is one game that you won’t want to ride shotgun on!

XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX Card: Hardcore Graphics for Casual Gamers

XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX Edition Graphics CardThe advent of NVIDIA’s G800-something video card series brought a much higher level of realism and visual clarity to games we play. Utilizing the latest shader technologies, card design, as well as full support for the DirectX 10 gaming architecture, there’s no doubting the power contained within these video cards. And it’s no surprise that new technology comes with a high price tag. During the first few months, only deep-pocketed gamers were able to get their hands on cards like these. All that has changed with the XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX video cards.

Bally Astrocade: A blast from the Past of Consumer Electronics

ba-2.JPGWhat was the First Home Computer? What was the First Game Console? Well, there’s some debate on the subject. For those that know however, a leading contender for the title is the Bally Astrocade, also known as the Professional Arcade. It was first shipped to the public in 1978!

But why are we interested? Because as TigerDirect enters its 20th year in the computer industry, we reflect on the changes we’ve seen, as well as participated in creating. It’s important that we understand the history computers and consumer electronics share so that we have a sense of where we’re going from here. So take a trip down Nostalgia Lane with us. We’ll visit some products that changed the world, and some that were just too strange, even for the era they were born in.

Halo 3 Limited Edition Packaging Causes Aesthetic Damage to Discs

Halo 3 is out and the blog reports are in: The game is fantastic, the packaging…not so much. This is because the Special limited Edition box sets designed for die-hard fans are scratching the game discs. Though this doesn’t appear to stop people from playing the game, it’s a snafu that Microsoft could have lived […]