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Explore Unfamiliar Territory with Magellan Triton 2000 Handheld GPS

Magellan Triton 2000 Handheld GPSHave you always wanted to become the traveler expert, even though your sense of direction always seems to point you the opposite way? Well, don’t fret as the Magellan Triton 2000 Handheld GPS can turn you into an instant traveling master.

It is an ideal solution to all your traveling needs, whether you like taking a stroll out in the city or maybe in the open outdoors. This remarkable GPS device points to all the right directions while you explore and see the land for yourself.

Cellular Coverage Explained

Wireless telephones work by communicating via radio waves using a system of base stations (sometimes known as “cell sites”) that send and receive calls and relay them to other networks, like the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)…

Deluo Bluetooth GPS Makes Anything You’ve got A GPS

Deluo Bluetooth GPS with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 (SiRF Star III)The Deluo Bluetooth GPS with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 is your all-in-one solution to your traveling needs. With this GPS device, you will be saving yourself time and ultimately, money. It’s like having a trustworthy traveling companion that’s really street-smart.

This marvelous GPS device turns your laptop, PDA or cellular phone into one powerful navigation solution. Set-up is extremely simple and straightforward: Simply take the unit out of its box, insert the installation CD into your laptop or PC, configure a few settings here and there, and it’s ready to use.

The Garmin StreetPilot C330 GPS

The Garmin StreetPilot C330 GPSThe day of the old paper-based map may be nearing its end. With newer, more accurate, and more affordable GPS receivers being made available to the public, more and more people are looking to replace the very cumbersome paper-based map with this device. The Garmin StreetPilot C330 GPS may just be a good choice for those who wish to ditch their paper-based maps for a more compact and efficient GPS receiver.

This handheld navigation system weighs only 9.45 ounces and only has two choices on the main menu: Find out where you are and where you want to go! Designed for simplicity, the Garmin StreetPilot C330 GPS is the perfect navigation device for your car because it is so user-friendly anyone will be able to operate it. The only buttons on this navigation system are a rotary volume knob and an on/off switch.

Finding the Beaten Path: Magellan Maestro 4040 GPS

Magellan Maestro 4040 GPS Navigation DeviceThere are people who are gifted with a good sense of direction, as well as the ability to navigate unfamiliar city streets and highways. These people have a talent that most of us simply don’t have.

For the greater majority, getting lost in the city or taking the wrong route or exit has become an unfortunately familiar experience. Thanks to the arrival of Magellan Maestro 4040 GPS Navigation technology, we can now enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.

Stay on the Beaten (Foot) Path: Magellan Triton 300 Handheld GPS

Magellan Triton 300 Handheld GPSTruth be told, not many of us have a good sense of direction. Combined with the fact that city streets often look the same to the eager traveler, the end result is wasted time (and money).

If you like to travel a lot yet always find yourself getting lost, then now’s the time to invest in a good GPS device. Enter the Magellan Triton 300 Handheld GPS: an impressively compact and capable device that will help you find your way around!

The World in Your Hand: Magellan Triton 400 GPS

Magellan Triton 400 Handheld GPSLet’s face it, some of us still get lost even when armed with map and compass. Never fear! All you need is a reliable GPS device: Magellan Triton 400 Handheld GPS, to be exact.

It’s the perfect companion for the enthusiastic traveler in you. It’s easy to carry around, wholly capable and very affordable as well. If you’re prone to wandering around the woods, this is simply the intelligent choice!

Nextar X3i GPS Gets you there for under $100

Nextar X3i GPSNextar’s X3i GPS will provide you with a 3½ inch display to get where you are going. Using a GPS in these days of the every sprawling suburbia – with street names instead of number and courts, circles and terraces everywhere – is a necessity.

What happened to streets and avenues, simple numbers, please! Well, get lost no more when you save $50 on this great GPS from Nextar – and get it for under $100 at the All-New CompUSA!

Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS Navigation


Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS NavigationTruth be told, not every one of us is blessed with a good sense of direction. Getting lost in the city wastes us valuable time, fuel, and ultimately money. What’s more, driving in the city is stressful as it is, so when you constantly find yourself taking the wrong turns and running in circles, you feel tremendous frustration. If you are one of these people who aren’t particularly gifted with a biological compass, the next best thing would be to get a GPS navigation device. Turn to the Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS navigation device, and let it guide you to where you want to go.

Plenio VXA-3000 GPS – Cruising with 2D/3D Maps


 Plenio VXA-3000 GPS with 2D/3D MapsPressing buttons on a GPS navigation system while driving can get a tad frustrating, especially when you’re already lost. A touch-screen unit therefore becomes the choice for drivers because you get a hassle-free, user-friendly device that will quickly help you reach your destination. This is why people should install a Plenio VXA-3000 GPS unit in their cars. With its great features and affordable price tag, this GPS gadget truly becomes the product of choice for people looking for something more than just a navigation device: it has a built-in audio and video player, photo viewer, and gaming suite, all for your entertainment.