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Rock out and Rock Hard with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Bundle

Ever wanted to be a rock star? A real rock star? Like Aerosmith? Well, you probably won’t ever be a real star like rock-royalty’s “Bad Boys of Boston,” but you can sure play the guitar like them in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for PS3.

Join “America’s Greatest Rock ‘N Roll Band” as you experience their career from their very first high school gig to the 2001 half-time Super Bowl performance. You’ll get to play Joe Perry (guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), and Tom Hamilton (bass) with frontman Tyler and drummer Kramer playing alongside you.

Guitar Hero: On Tour Nintendo DS Game Includes Guitar Grip


Easy to play, but difficult to master – the Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS is a highly addictive and equally entertaining music game. A peripheral device, the Guitar Grip, will even challenge your reflexes as if you’re playing a real guitar. This original concept of bringing hand-held games to more than just another regular button mashing affair adds spice to your quest of being the best Guitar Hero.

The Guitar Hero: On Tour is one of the coolest and refreshing games you can play on a hand-held gaming console, thanks to the Guitar Grip, of course.

Guitar Hero Strums Way into World Record

Guitar Hero III (Image Credit: Activision)While millions are playing Guitar Hero, few were lucky enough to attend the most recent event recognized by the Guinness World Records.

Teenager Chris Chike is the No. 1 ranked Guitar Hero III player in the world and was awarded with a certificate in New York City.

Vivendi and Activision Merge; Massive Game Collaborations (Hopefully) Follow

The deal will create a new industry leader (By a mile. Seriously.) entitled Activision Blizzard. The new company is rumored to be worth a little over 8 billion dollars. Billion Dollars. Interestingly enough, the merger also boosted shares (for laymen, share boosts usually mean better game development. More money, less fear of layoffs means programmers who are fat and happy and productive.) of rival Ubisoft Entertainment. This is because Electronic Arts (they’ve been at this for a minute now.) may feel threatened by the combination of these two huge competitors, and try and snatch up Ubisoft and make their own New York Yankees-like game development corporation.

Guitar Hero 3 Unboxed for the Wii

All those chord-riffing fools were lined up in the cold this weekend to get their latest fix – it’s Guitar Hero 3 and in this YouTube video you’ll see the unboxing of the unit.

While everyone was in love with Guitar Hero 2, can 3 make it better? This wireless axe should help many feel they are really ‘playing it,’ but I’m not sure how long the fad can continue.

Source: YouTube