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Maxtor OneTouch III 750GB External Hard Drive

Picture yourself turning your PC on simply to surf the Net or do something fairly inconsequential. However, there is a problem: the PC just won’t turn on. You then check everything up and suddenly, you figure it out. The hard disk is shot. It’s not working. Reality sinks in, and you realize that all your […]

Download Much? Iomega Value Silver 1 TERABYTE External Drive

Iomega Value Silver 1TB External Hard DriveOur storage needs have grown tremendously since the early days of the modern computer. Back in the day, people were able to get by with a mere megabyte of storage memory; now, that amount isn’t even enough to store a single MP3.

To keep up with our demanding computing habits, Iomega has come up with a premier solution: the Iomega 1TB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Value Silver Series Desktop hard drive. Here we have an external hard drive solution that brings new meaning to the term “high-capacity.” Simply put, it redefines value.

Western Digital My Book Essential Edition Packs 750 gigs of Space

Western Digital My Book Essential Edition Do you find yourself constantly deleting data off your hard drive just to make space for files you think are more relevant? Without question, our demands for storage memory are higher than ever, and sometimes a single hard disk is not even enough anymore.

But what if your motherboard doesn’t have enough SATA or IDE ports for extra hard disks? Don’t fret, as that is where the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition hard disk comes in.