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10 Tips For a Healthy PC

It can be an angering experience to press your PC’s power button and nothing happens. It’s also an agitating computing experience to see your computer go from lighting fast to molasses slow. To extend the life of your PC and keep it running in the best condition possible – here are 10 Tips For a […]

PCI Express 2.0 Promises Faster Bus Speeds and Higher Performance

PCI Express 2.0 is the newest incarnation of the ”bus”, a device by which the CPU connects to the chipset, and allows all of the PC components to talk to each other. PCI Stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect. According to the Web site of the PCI Express Special Interest Group, also known as PCI-SIG, one of the […]

Choose Your Resolution: Picking The Right LCD Monitor For You

The world market for flat panel displays exploded to unheard of proportions in the last several years. The reasons are obvious. Flat panel monitors employ TFT (Thin Film Transistors) LCD technology that creates gorgeous, high quality images. The attractive, thin-bezel design captures the imagination of everyone who values substance coupled with style. Virtually everyone is […]

Understanding Flash Memory

One of the most important new developments in digital technology in recent years is the use of Flash Memory, sometimes called “flash RAM.” There are dozens of flash memory formats on the market today and making the right choice when buying one can make the difference between spending an arm-and-a-leg and buying the right tool […]

Introducing the World’s Fastest DVD Burner

What DVD-Burner can leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well, not this one. More powerful than a locomotive! Hmmm…Possibly! Faster than a speeding bullet! Well that one is in the bag. Not in the sky but in your computer. It’s the world’s fastest DVD writer – Lite-On’s LH-20A1P. This is truly a kick butt […]

AppleTV brings iTunes Content To The Television Screen

 AppleTV The Next Big Thing From Apple With Apple’s new multimedia powerhouse AppleTV, there’s always something good on television. With Apple TV, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie trailers, on your widescreen TV — wirelessly, from either your Mac or PC.

PC Tools Checklist

Check MarkSome of these tools are on the unconventional side, but they are valuable nonetheless. If you think plastic zip bags are only useful to hold sandwiches and leftovers, think again – they’ll help you organize your screws and bolts as well as provide a surprising function you’ll discover when you read our list!

TigerDirect’s 10th Annual “Build Your Own PC Race” Contest Is A Big Hit!

Are You A PC Builder? Put Your Money Where Your CPU Is (Or Goes)! Journalists hailing from prominent PC publications, newsletters, magazines, and web-newscasts vied for their fifteen minutes of fame at the CES convention in Las Vegas. They competed in the “Build Your Own PC Race”, a charity event benefiting their favorite educational or […]

Servers – Uses and Benefits to Small Business Owners

CybertronPC - Intel Pentium D 930 3.0GHzBusiness owners want to provide better services to their customers. One way many owners are accomplishing this task is by creating office computer networks and including a server. Why add a server? Servers add an additional level of functionality to small businesses. These functions range from additional storage and processing power to data migration and backup. We’ll help you understand why your business needs a server with 5 easy to understand reasons.

Lets begin by understand what a server is and it’s functions. A server is a computer that provides services to other computers, or the software that runs on it. The functions of your business will determine what types of server you will need. The different types of servers are:

Need help with Video Card

Currently I am building a Computer. In that computer I need a video card, and a good one as well. I am willing to pay 500 for a 8800 if that is what I need, but only if that is what I need. The parts that are currently in my possession are as follows: Cheiftech […]