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HD Capable Graphics Cards: Good Things come to those who wait

ati-radeon-logo.jpgLast summer, ATI began to ship their mid-range Radeon HD 2400 & 2600 cards. The trend towards full 1080p theater systems caught steam and Early Adopters (bless their hearts) scooped up this affordable full 1080p solution by the truckload. Prices ranged from less than $99 for Radeon HD 2400 Pro, to as much as $199 for a Radeon HD 2600 XT. Now (2008), the opportunity is here to take advantage of the price drops and build a lower cost system with an HDMI output, a nice (some say vital) option for your home theater/media center.

LG 42LC7D 42-inch LCD High Definition TV – Hot!

l49-4218.jpgSo I’m web surfin’ the other day, and I couldn’t help but notice this gem from LG, the 42LC7D HD LCD TV. It ‘s priced fairly, and packed with tons of features. My favorite? Glad you asked. I’m really diggin’ LG’S Exclusive XD engine. This awesome technology enhances your analog signal, improving brightness, contrast, detail and color as well as reducing signal noise. The result? A Movie Theater like High-resolution viewing experience right in your living room!

CES 2008 Predictions

What does CES hold in store?CES 2008 should have some of the best products we’ve never seen – and you won’t see available on TigerDirect.com or any other site or store for at least several months. According to a CNN report, the blogosphere is going crazy with their own presumptions and expectations about the upcoming Consumer Electronics Mecca.

While most are already hearing about new and innovative uses and extensions of wireless technologies, like wireless USB and wireless HDMI, Kleer being used in headsets and more – there are other things to consider.

I guess in the end we won’t know until we get there – and TigerTV and the entire TigerDirect team will take Las Vegas by storm on January 6, 2008 – make sure to check out our full CES coverage.

Perfect Projectors for Workplace Presentations or Weekend Parties

Not only is professional projector technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, it’s also not just for boardrooms anymore. While professional theater-style installations at home used to be only for the rich, projectors are fast closing the gap between television-based home theater and its big screen counterparts. We recently had two projectors delivered to the TigerTV labs: The Viewsonic PJ503D Projector will add style and panache to any business meeting. The BenQ W500 LCD Projector is perfect for creating the ultimate home entertainment experience, for less.

Sharp AQUOS 52in 1080p LCD HDTV only 2199.99

Top Quality – the name says it all – FULL HD! – only a few words to describe the Sharp AQUOS 52in 1080p LCD HDTV, now available at TigerDirect for a limited time for only $ 2199.99.

Check out the October End of Month Clearance event, now going on – at TigerDirect.com!

Toshiba 42in REGZA HD LCD-TV only 999.99

DynaLight Technology and complete connection options. – only a few words to describe the Toshiba 42in REGZA HD LCD-TV, now available at TigerDirect for a limited time for only $ 999.99.

Check out the October End of Month Clearance event, now going on – at TigerDirect.com!

Tiger In Box: The Cure for the Common Question.

Here at TigerTV we’ve got enough experts to at least pretend we know everything there is to know about Computers, Electronics and more. But what about those of you that don’t have access to the tech-heads, hackers, and various other e-gurus wandering through these halls? For you, we have created Tiger In Box—an opportunity to […]

Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes: Making Beautiful Music With Your Home Theater Equipment

Everyone I know has a veritable arsenal of remote controls on their living room table or footrest. Some work, some don’t, and there are even a few whose parent components have long been discarded. It’s time to clean out the home entertainment center: the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote controls are here—and we’ve got a few […]

Samsung LN T4661F 46-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

TigerTV host Logan is going to show you just how sharp your TV can be…with an upgrade to the Samsung LN-T4661F HDTV LCD flat panel display, of course. Here’s the deal: this is unlike most of the LCD televisions out there. The displays that often boast “HDTV” are often only capable of displaying 720p signals. […]

Vizio GV47LF 47-Inch LCD HDTV Display Television

The VIZIO Gallevia GV47LF 47″ LCD HDTV features the most powerful resolution in High Definition entertainment. With a pixel resolution of 1920×1080, this HDTV is capable of displaying 1080p signals. This means that the GV47LF will not need to compress even the most intricate progressive scan data signal before displaying it in brilliant color and […]