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TigerTips: Output PDFs from MS Word for FREE

TigerTips is here to help you learn the best ways to use technology in your life. With the large number of documents exchanged via PDF (Portable Document Format), it’s a great savings if you could output from Microsoft Word for free instead of spending $300 on the ‘official’ application. To learn how to do this, watch the video below from Luke W. Parker of Associated Content, the People’s Media Company.

Futures My Desire

A holographic desktop PC that I can carry with me anywhere. To open, turn on, and begin interacting with hands and fingers with holographic images, whether setting in an airplane, train, bus stop or opera. To interact with holographic images, manipulating files, jpegs, .gif, surfing, this kind of technical advancement is my dream as well […]

Looking for advice re: video and audio transfer via laptop

We want to be able to transfer our videotape to DVD and our records and tapes to CD. We also need a laptop. It would be great if we found a laptop with the cards and software to accomplish the video and audio.

Are You Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Drive?

Hard Drives Both Big and Small You can’t open the digital video that shows your niece taking her first steps.  You can’t save pictures.  You are constantly revamping what data you keep, and what you delete.  Sound familiar? You are probably out of hard disk space.  You’re finally ready to upgrade from the factory hard drive included when […]

Help: storage for pictures and e-mail

Help!My computer has crashed 3 times in the past 6 mo. due to various reasons (probably my inexperience) Every time this happens, I loose my pictures, sent e-mail and Microsoft updates. What product should I purchase for a back up if this happens in the future?

The Seagate backup external hard drive in your last sales flyer looks like it might be the solution, but I am not sure what size to buy. Could you advise please?

Help: Dual Video Output needed

I have a non pci express motherboard. I want to run two lcd 17″ monitors. What video card will do this with a 350 w psu? CPU is Pentium 4.

Help: Linux vs. Windows webhosting

Help!I wondered which should be used for dynamics sites using flash css javascript forms etc.

I was looking at this companies corporate plan and would like to have the option to set up several seperate websites for different customers assigning each an allotment of space with seperate access by them and allowing me access is this site suitable for my needs or is it as it seems just too good to be true???

Help: Why does XP boot differently each time?

Help!I have asked a tech, but he had no answer so i will put this out to the many minds on this forum.

Why Does XP boot differently each time?

Every day when i look in task manager, the sequence of all the processes not only is different, but the memory left for the user varies by up to 14MB.

I do the same 2 things every day – and well, it makes no sense to me.