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TigerDirect TV: Albert’s Inbox 002

Tigerdirect TV presents Inbox with Albert! He answers questions you send to his inbox, so keep them coming!

TigerDirect TV: Albert’s Inbox 001

Tigerdirect TV presents, back by popular demand, Inbox with Albert! He answers questions you send to his inbox, so keep them coming!

EVR fullscreen window Vista Error

EVR FullScreen Window:  Bad Image (THUMB)Today, I started getting a strange popup on my Vista (32bit) system – and it reports ‘EVR Fullscreen Window: Bad Image.’ So, of course, I jump on the Internet to see what there is to be seen.

Once there, I found this:

Anybody seen this message before? One of my clients is getting it as of tonight and I cant find anything on it.

EVR fullscreen window: windows – bad Image

New graphics cards help!


Hi I am running a 7900 gs card right now and want to know which would be a better choice to run.

Should I go with an other 7900 gs or would 2x 8600 gt would run better or a 8800 gts 320 mb.?

TigerTV launches Mogulus broadcast channel

TigerTV is popping up everyone on line these days – and with the great information you can garner from our downright smart TigerTV hosts it’s no surprise.

The most recent launch of TigerTV is a 24 hour broadcast of Help, How-To and Tiger InBox Videos to keep you up to date on the latest advice to be had. Keep watching for new shows every day – at Mogulus TigerTV!

To visit the Mogulus TigerTV channel, visit TigerTV @ Mogulus.

Tiger In Box: The Cure for the Common Question.

Here at TigerTV we’ve got enough experts to at least pretend we know everything there is to know about Computers, Electronics and more. But what about those of you that don’t have access to the tech-heads, hackers, and various other e-gurus wandering through these halls? For you, we have created Tiger In Box—an opportunity to […]

HELP: Building 1st PC! Need Help with 680i PLEASE :)

I’m going to build my own computer with the 680i motherboard, but I’m not yet sure which one to go with :). I’ve seen some of the Tiger Direct videos and during the review of the 680I SE, it was mentioned that the SE version was “optimized” for the core 2 duo. I would be […]