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Projectors for work and Play: the Epson PowerLite and Samsung Home Theater Projectors

I’ve told you about High Definition projectors before. But the disparity between work and home theater projectors is a wide as the difference between a work truck and a hand-made Italian sports car. So instead of attempting to appeal to two separate groups (or two separate facets of yourself, as the case may be) I’ve […]

Hybrid Video Comes Home: The JVC GZ-MG130 Hybrid Video Camcorder

Tired of Tape? I’m talking about video tape—the stuff that moving pictures have been recorded on since they invented a better technique than drawing in the margins of your History book, then flipping the pages real fast. Yes, they’ve come a long way since then. And if by “they” you mean JVC, then they’ve come […]

High Definition Superiority Complex: The Sharp Aquos LC-52D62U 52-inch 1080p HD LCD TV

We feature tons of LCD, Plasma, and Rear Projection TVs on our parent-site, TigerDirect.com. I’m often asked: “Which is the best one?” If I answered the question truthfully, I’d no doubt land in hot water for ruining it for the other brands. Truth be told, the “best” depends entirely on what you’re looking for. But […]