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Home Security 2.0

alert-me.jpgHave you ever left the house and wondered to yourself if you’ve locked the back door, shut the ground floor windows or have forgotten to turn off the stove? It can really bug you all day long unless of course you’ve got a friendly neighbor who can take a peek to check up on things for you. But if you live alone or if everyone in your household is usually out during the day, having someone or something to keep you posted on the status of your home can ease your worries and improve home security. AlertMe.com of the United Kingdom has come up with a complete package that monitors your house as well as the occupants inside. More »

News You Need to Know: Analog Cellular Systems Being Decommissioned in February 2008

No Cell PhoneCell Phone Service providers will soon start shutting down the oldest of the industry’s cellular networks starting in February of 2008. The shutdown concerns only the largely outdated Analog networks.

The shutdown will probably not affect you. Here’s some of the criteria: If this sounds like you please for heaven’s sake go buy a new cell phone or home security system. We’re all worried about you!