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Cost Effective Scalability with Informatica PowerCenter8 on HP Grid on Linux

This white paper, “Cost Effective Scalability with Informatica PowerCenter8 on HP Grid on Linux”, publishes the results of benchmark tests measuring the performance and scalability of Informatica® PowerCenter® 8 Enterprise Grid Option in a 64-bit grid system based on HP servers and RedHat Linux.

Test results demonstrate that PowerCenter's throughput numbers are the highest ever publicly published in benchmark study of a data integration solution running in a grid environment. The results show near linear scalability in processing data volumes ranging from 100GB to 1TB.

Migrating Off the Mainframe

Regardless of the reasons your business has elected to move off mainframe, once the decision has been made, your IT organization needs to know about the approaches, techniques, and tools to successfully migrate to a more modern application landscape or open standard RDBMS like Oracle.

Migrating Off the Mainframe examines both the business and technical challenges of migrating off the mainframe. It outlines the seven mainframe migration approaches that IT organizations can use to develop their migration strategies. It explores common data migration project methodologies and tools, and suggests ways to convert a serial approach to migration into a more effective, iterative process. Finally, this white paper describes how IT organizations can use Informatica enterprise data integration software to effectively migrate off the mainframe to more modernized systems.