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Saitek PM09V Notebook Optical Mouse

Already equipped with an input device of its own, you might ask why you would need to buy an extra mouse for your laptop. Indeed, the touchpad is nifty in its own right, and as far as convenience and ease of use go, it fits in perfectly with the overall design philosophy of laptops. However, a true mouse affords you greater control and accuracy than a touchpad, hands down. Thus, if you use your laptop for applications that require greater pointing precision, then what you need is a mouse. What you need is the Saitek 9M09V Notebook Optical Mouse.

Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver

YamahaIf you want quality entertainment accessible through the touch of a button, reproducing cinema quality video and audio right in your own home, then there’s no more affordable way than to do it than a Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver.

For one thing, the Yamaha HTR-6130BL does more than just interpret and amplify signals from input devices and send them directly to your television and sound system. This receiver actually utilizes advanced technology to provide you with the best entertainment system you and your family have ever experienced.

A Garden for Your Mouse

lamp-grass.jpgFor all you nature lovers who just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, here’s a product that will keep (at least) a small slice of greenery at your fingertips – literally! Introducing the Sensory Lamp – this is an upcoming product from Sara Rossbach. It’s a mouse pad with grass growing at the front and comes with a light to mimic the natural cycles of the day. Yes that’s right you too can have your own field of grass right on your table top within easy reach of your tired fingers all day long. Touch it. Stroke it. Take in the great smell of fresh green grass!

Nikki’s Top Ten Deals: A Product (and Price!) for Every Person on Your List

The holidays are fast approaching, E-Readers! Are you stumped trying to find the perfect gift? TigerTV host Nikki knows exactly how you feel. That’s why she has narrowed down the options out there for you. Here’s a list of ten items that will fill any gap on your holiday gift list. She’s even collected a set for 50 and 100-dollar price ranges, respectively. We’ll quickly showcase the top five from both categories, and you can check out Nikki’s Top Ten Deals Under 50 Dollars or Nikki’s Top Ten Deals Under 100 Dollars videos if you desire a little more selection!

Research In Motion in Moves to Develop New Interface with Eatoni Ergonomics Inc.

Research in Motion, (RIM) the design gurus behind the very popular BlackBerry phones, have partnered up with keyboard and hardware design company Eatoni Ergonomics Inc. to develop a slick new keyboard interface. The terms of the deal: Eatoni will grant RIM license(s) to use its technology. In return for such generous sharing, RIM has made […]