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Apple iPod Touch 32GB is the Slimmest, Slickest way to Take Your Music with you

Apple iPod Touch 32GB It is true that for the greater half of this decade, iPods have been one of the best-performing and most sought-after media devices world-wide. It boasts of a minimalist design, which makes for superb ease-of-use and simplicity. However, as the competition thickened between portable media devices, newer iPods, including the redesigned Nano, began to lose some steam.

The competition was catching up and the iPod’s basic design was getting stale. Fortunately, with the coming of the Apple iPod Touch 32 GB media device, the iPod brand is ready to storm the market once again. Get ready for the brand new iPod experience and see why everyone is so excited about it.

CompUSA News iPhone and iPod Touch Friendly

CompUSA News on iPod Touch (Reduex)Use your iPhone or iPod Touch for browsing your favorite websites? I do, and hope you will too – CompUSA News is now iPod Touch/iPhone friendly!

Just type http://news.compusa.com into your browser on the iPhone/iPod Touch and you’ll receive VIP treatment with your own, easy to use interface that doesn’t require to you enlarge the view and touch tiny little links. It’s all new – and it’s for you – from your friends at the All-New CompUSA!

There’s Something About The New Sony Mylo 2

Sony Mylo 2It’s probably the size. No? The shape? Or maybe it’s the face. There’s really something about Sony Mylo 2 personal communicator/pocket web browser that makes you wonder what it really is. And is it really more sexy that the old Mylo? The answer is Yes!