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New Technology Showcase:
NComputing Xtenda X300

Turn 1 computer into the equivalent of 7 PCs! NComputing’s new patent-pending technology allows you to create a small network of up to seven users per PC, easily and affordably! No hassles configuring a router, switch or a hub-just plug it in, load the terminal server software, and you’re ready to go. Today’s computers are […]

Electric Motorcycle breaks six-year record

First Tesla Motors shook us up with their fancy electric car – now, it’s the time to meet the KillaCycle, a new all-electric motorcycle which is kicking butt and taking names – it’s been named the fastest electric vehicle of all time.

According to the report on CNET’s Green Tech Blog, At a drag race in Chandler, Ariz., the bike completed a quarter mile in 8.168 seconds, breaking the six-year-old record of 8.801 held by Dennis Berube with an electric car for more than six years. The bike cranked it up to 155.87 miles an hour. Even more impressive, it hit this level of performance twice, on April 3 and April 4.

With the ongoing energy crisis and our depletion of non-renewable natural resources, everyone is getting in on the electric vehicle. With the widespread push for hybrid cars, running on a mix of fuel/power methods, what are you thinking about for your next car?

The 100 Percent Electric Car: The Tesla

Do you anticipate 92,000 extra dollars in your bank account this Fall? If you do, then you should definitely, definitely check out the Tesla. The Tesla is powered by the same lithium-ion battery cells that drive the average laptop or smartphone, and you can charge it from an ordinary wall socket. There’s even a grate […]

Online Responsibility – c’mon Google!

These days, it’s a big task to protect trademarks and from those who wish to take advantage of your good name. Tiger has always maintained a constant alert to people who are attempting to take advantage of unknowing consumers who are surfing online. You’d be amazed at some of the sites we’ve seen, and the number of people who would even allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Today, the message goes to Google. If you mistype google.com, without their legal department ensuring that people who do nasty things on similar domains, you could nearly lose everything on your computer. Check out the video.

Introducing the World’s Fastest DVD Burner

What DVD-Burner can leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well, not this one. More powerful than a locomotive! Hmmm…Possibly! Faster than a speeding bullet! Well that one is in the bag. Not in the sky but in your computer. It’s the world’s fastest DVD writer – Lite-On’s LH-20A1P. This is truly a kick butt […]

AppleTV brings iTunes Content To The Television Screen

 AppleTV The Next Big Thing From Apple With Apple’s new multimedia powerhouse AppleTV, there’s always something good on television. With Apple TV, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie trailers, on your widescreen TV — wirelessly, from either your Mac or PC.

Wild Product – Wild Charge! From CES

WildCharge answers a major problem many of us face daily — a problem that’s hindering the freedom and productivity of true mobility: our need to carry and use bulky chargers, power adapters and cords for all the mobile electronic devices we use, such as cell phones, laptop computers, portable music players and many others.

Ford and Microsoft Join Forces

Recently announced just this past weekend, Ford and Microsoft are joining forces to offer a new Microsoft-based car networking system called the “Sync”. Ford will offer the Sync in twelve of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models this year and it plans to offer the Sync in its entire model line by 2009.

The Sync will allow you to keep your hands and on the steering wheel and eyes on the road by allowing you to make hands-free cell phone calls using Bluetooth technology, listen to music on digital music players including the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune, and have cell phone text messages read aloud.

TigerDirect Charity PC Race set for Monday January 8

Ready for this year’s 10th Annual TigerDirect Charity PC Race? It will be broadcast here on TigerDirectNews.com by STICKAM.com LIVE on Monday, January 8.

Check out this promo video for more details about the race, then visit the race website.

Hard Drive Giant Seagate to buy EVault for $185 Million

Expansion into Storage Services Is Company’s Next Step Seagate Technology has announced it will aquire EVault Inc., a highly regarded provider of online backup services for business, for a cool $185 million dollars. The buy is the biggest step yet taken by Seagate in an attempt to strengthen its position in the storage services industry. […]