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Research In Motion in Moves to Develop New Interface with Eatoni Ergonomics Inc.

Research in Motion, (RIM) the design gurus behind the very popular BlackBerry phones, have partnered up with keyboard and hardware design company Eatoni Ergonomics Inc. to develop a slick new keyboard interface. The terms of the deal: Eatoni will grant RIM license(s) to use its technology. In return for such generous sharing, RIM has made […]

Logitech MX Air Mouse – A Truly Revolutionary Cordless Gyroscopic Mouse

For the most part, I don’t post blogs or notices about keyboards. It has been known to happen, but there usually isn’t enough to talk about. Sure, some people love mice (the guys who develop input devices like them a whole lot, I would assume) and mousepads and stuff like that—whatever floats your boat. But whether you give two figs about input equipment or just one fig, you’ll want to check this out. It is a truly amazing gyroscopic mouse from Logitech— MX Air Mouse.