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KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone DVR

Be safe, feel safe. The KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone Digital Video Recorder is a reliable and secure surveillance device that’s highly innovative and extremely useful. It is easy to set up and is loaded with convenient features that let you easily detect unwanted visitors without breaking a sweat.

Just connect this to your security camera and then you’ll finally sleep soundly at night. It has a built-in CD writer design, so you can store your security footage in a compact disc for easier access. This is also highly convenient because you can easily play and replay videos.

Your Entire Digital Entertainment world Connected: the Kworld Blazing Orange 1920ex

Kworld PlusTV TVBox Blazing Orange 1920exMaximize the entertainment potential of your computer monitor with the Kworld PlusTV TVBox Blazing Orange 1920ex! You’ve always wanted to surf the web and watch your favorite TV programs at the same time.

Or use your computer monitor with your game console, for that matter. The Kworld PlusTV TVBox Blazing Orange 1920ex is perfect for you! With this amazing device, you get to maximize the use of your computer monitor by allowing several appliances and your personal computer to attach to it at the same time.