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Work or Play, the 19-inch I-Inc AG-191DPB is the perfect LCD

I-Inc AG-191DPB 19" LCD MonitorIf you are looking for an affordable replacement for your power-hungry CRT monitor, then why not look for an LCD monitor that takes up less space and uses even less power. The I-Inc AG-191DPB 19-inch LCD Monitor with Speakers is a great-value monitor that can provide competent graphic display as well as crisp and clear audio.

Simply designed in an all-black exterior, the I-Inc AG-191DPB 19-inch LCD Monitor will match with the rest of your computer chassis and peripherals. It has a big 19-inch screen in 4:3 aspect ratio, which makes this perfect for getting into the action of your favorite computer movies or simply working on your business documents.

Olevia 537H 37 inch HD LCD TV is stunning!

Olevia 537H LCD HDTVWith the absurd amount of HDTVs in production today, it could be difficult to find one that fits your needs and at the same time, exceeds your expectations.

There’s no question that HDTVs are not the most affordable devices around. That is why you want to get one that satisfies you and gives enough value for your money. It is very frustrating to get an HDTV only to see that it is of low quality. That being said, let me introduce you to one that is very capable: Check out the Olevia 537H LCD HDTV, and prepare yourself to be duly impressed.

1080p for Less! The Toshiba 42-inch REGZA Refurbished LCD TV

Toshiba 42HL167 REGZA  42If you want to experience a stunning cinematic experience right in your living room, then one of the biggest investments you have to make is to get an HDTV. therein lies the problem: how do you get the very best Home Theater components, without shelling out enough cash to buy an entire house in the process?

The answer lies in quality refurbished equipment like the 1080p Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 LCD TV. This television will redefine visual bliss, and since it’s a discounted refurbished model, won’t hurt your pocket too much, either.

A Sharp Living Room Needs a 52-inch HD LCD TV

Sharp Aquos LC-5262U LCD HD TVSharp Aquos High Definition LCDs constantly outshine the competition. With fast response time and impressive picture quality, you won’t have to worry about poor resolution or image blurring. Trust me, the Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52-inch LCD HDTV is the perfect fit for your living room!

This jaw-dropping 52-inch 1080p LCD television set delivers the deepest, most accurate blacks and the most vibrant colors. It is possibly the best-quality home entertainment system money can buy. This isn’t just keeping up with the Jones’s…this TV will blow your neighborhood competition right out of the water!

News Update for January 2, 2007

TigerNewsToday starts Season 2 of TigerDirect News Podcasts with the new year, 2007. TigerDirect news podcasts are now also available via Stickam.com. Here’s your Tech Update for January 2, 2007.

  • ISP for Automotive Connectivity
  • Samsung Hybrid Wifi/GSM phones making Splash
  • Microsoft Bribing Bloggers with Fancy Vista Notebooks
  • LCD TVs now hottest holiday gadget; and
  • CES Coverage starts next week on TigerDirect News

The Revolution WILL Be Televised

Plasma, Rear Projection, and LCD Displays Change TV Forever

Since its invention decades ago, there have been constant advances in television manufacturing. One thing has remained constant: the Cathode Ray Tube that projects images onto the television screen. Now the television industry is experiencing a paradigm shift that promises to eliminate these traditional television sets by replacing them with flat panel technology. Plasma and LCD televisions and monitors provide breathtaking imagery and vibrant color. They also take up less space than ordinary televisions. The recent decline in price has catapulted the flat panel industry from designer chic to an emerging television standard.