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The 99¢ Muscle

Since the inception of Apple’s iTunes, pricing pressure has started to effect the way the record companies are operating. If you look around you will see that a number of CD’s are being priced closer and closer to the $10 mark. In some cases even lower than $10. Why is this? The traditional brick and […]

Meetings & Conferences oh My!

In the upcoming year many of the banking, insurance, and financial institutions will be gearing up for yet another year of Meetings & Conferencing.  Now don’t get me wrong I attend the ones that have a lasting affect on world trade and commerce, like the World Bank’s or the Super Bowl; but as for the rest they […]

Function Creep: The weeds of the Great Tech Revolution!!!

Just the other day as I was driving to work I got a phone call from cell phone provider. The girl on the other end was cheery and polite and full of well whatever cheery and polite telephone sales girls are full of and she proceede to question me about my service and my product […]

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 22, 2007

Let There Be Wi-Fi for Everyone Internet Service Provider Earthlink said this week that they are in the process of negotiating a contract with the City of Atlanta to build, own and operate a municipal wireless network. Atlanta, home of Earthlink for many years, is also making efforts to provide qualified residents with discounted Internet […]

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 15, 2007 (Part 2)

With so much news in one week, it’s nearly impossible to get it all in one article. TigerDirectNews Feature Editor John G. brings us more. Ed. The World’s First Purpose Built Fuel Cell Motorcycle With fuel prices on the rise, maybe it’s time for a change. We’ve seen hybrid cars from manufactures like Honda, Toyota […]

Proper Cell Phone Etiquette

Have you ever been seated in a theatre and the villain is about to be uncovered and someone’s cell phone rings – and he or she answers it. How annoying! How Rude! They just ruined the movie for you. How about when you’re about to enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant and the person sitting at the table next to you decides to have a conversation on their cell phone about their recent surgery. What if it’s your cell phone that rings while you’re at the museum. Do you answer it? Do you let it continue to ring? We’ll help you learn the proper etiquette of using a cell phone in public.

Cell phones have made our lives easier and much more productive. We now have instant access to communicate with anyone nearly anywhere in the world. The unfortunate truth about cell phones is that many people will use their cell phone anywhere and at any time. This sometimes creates a disturbing and annoying experience and can even create a dangerous situation.