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Diamond Radeon HD 2400 Video Card

This is graphic card perfection with the Diamond Radeon HD 2400 Video Card from CompUSA.

Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 Video Card

Get ready to go blue with the Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 Video Card at CompUSA today!

CompUSA’s Inbox

CompUSA’s Inbox answers questions on the latest electronics from viewers like you.

CompUSA’s Inbox

CompUSA’s Inbox answers questions on the latest electronics from viewers like you.

Thank you to all LIVE Show attendees

The CompUSA LIVE Pink Friday Mothers Day Edition webcast was an outstanding success. CompUSA would like to thank the tens of thousands of attendees to the event and hope you enjoyed what we were doing and let us know what other types of events you’d like to see us hold.

May 9 Sale-A-Thon

The CompUSA Deal-A-Thon runs from 5PM to 9PM on May 9, 2008! Check it out!

CompUSA Commerical To Air

CompUSA is ready to start letting America know that we are quite open, quite ready to help them – more than happy to serve! In the coming weeks, you may see a CompUSA commercial on the airwaves, but until then, let us whet your appetite with a version that will NOT go to air, this is the first cut of one of the commercials, but it’s not bad at all- and we want to share with you – and get your feedback.

Leave comments and let us know what you think!

Gamers – Wider Selection Now Available!

Gamer Gear at the All-New CompUSA.comGamers know what gear they want and need – they also know there are a large number of places that they can buy it – here at CompUSA we want you to know we have one of the countries largest selections of computer components. We are ready for you when you decide to upgrade your console, pc or laptop. We are ready when you are ready to add dual quad-core processors and new twin GeForce 9800 cards in SLI. We are ready to have you watch it on a new 50″ plasma tv to put on your wall!

CompUSA TV’s Logan is the man all about games – and he knows what he needs too – let him explain some of the new areas of expansion in the All-New CompUSA.com in this short video…

TigerDirect Sponsors Dream PC

Dream PC 2008Want the best PC available? A PC worth $30,000? It’s not a stretch, and TigerDirect is proud to announce their sponsorship of the PC World 2008 Dream PC. And you can win it too!

“If money were no object, you’d probably build the biggest, baddest, best PC. Well, that’s what we’re doing–only we’re giving it away when we’re done! PC World’s editors are picking their favorite components to custom-build the ultimate desktop computer, and you could win it!1

CES 2008 is Underway in Sunny Las Vegas Nevada

TigerTV at CES 2008Are you ready for CES? We are! In fact, the whole TigerTV crew is out in Beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada right now. The show kicked off with lights, glamour, even robots. Yes, it wouldn’t be up and coming technology without robots. Or shoes that walk for you. The TigerTV crew is out at the Sands Convention center getting the first coverage from CES 2008 for you, and don’t forget tonight is the TigerDirect 11th Annual Charity PC Race at 7PM PST. Watch the live pre-race coverage right here on Tiger News starting at 8:30 EST. Be sure to tune in!
Plus, you can catch the race online at Graveline.com and ComputerAmerica.com starting at 7PM PST!